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The One Inside

Read & Download Ï The One Inside Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Sam Shepard Download The One Inside Heavy on the taillights His body is wrapped up tight in see through plastic head to toe Flesh colored rubber bands bind it at the neck waist and anklesmummy style Hes become very small in the course of thingsmaybe eight inches tall In fact Im holding him now in the palm of my hand I ask them for permission to unwrap his tiny head just to make sure hes truly dead They allow me to do this They all stand aside hands clasped behind their tailored backs heads bowed in a kind of ashamed mourning but not something you would uestion them on Its smart to keep on their good side Besides they seem uite polite and stoic nowThe Mercury idles with a deep penetrating rumble I can feel through the soles of both shoes I remove the rubber bands carefully and uncover his face peeling the Saran Wrap away from his nose very slowly It makes a sticky sound like linoleum coming free from its glue His mouth opens involuntarilysome delayed response of the nervous system no doubt but I take it as a last gasp I put my thumb inside and feel his rough gums Little ripples where his teeth used to be He had no teeth in life eitherthe life I remember him in I re wrap his head in the plastic sheathing replace the rubber bands and hand him back over thanking them all with a slight nod trying to stay in keeping with the solemnity of things They take him carefully from me and place him back in the dark trunk with the other miniatures There are shrunken women wedged on either side of him retaining all their alluring features in perfect detail high cheekbones eyebrows plucked lashes caked in blue mascara hair washed and coifed smelling like ripe cane sugar His is the only tiny body that faces completely out toward a band of sunlight When they close the trunk this band goes to black as though a cloud has abruptly covered the sunThey stand in a semicircle facing me now hands clasped over their groins casually yet formally I cant tell if theyre ex Marines or mobsters They seem a mixture of both I salute each one rotating counterclockwise I have the impression that some even click their heels fascist style but I may be making this up I dont know if this rain just started or if its been going on for some time I watch them drive off in a light drizzleThats about all I can remember Along with these smattered details is a strange morning grief but of what I cant sayFelicityIn another language in another time her name meant happiness I guess Felicity I think it wasFelicityyes that was it Id never heard that name beforelike from an English novel Very young Freckle faced Red hair Slightly plump Adolescent Always wearing simple cotton one piece dresses that looked homemade Shed scream like a trapped rabbit when she sat backward on my fathers cock Id never heard such ecstasy and horror all at once Id listen from the next room staring at the ceiling Something smelled like eucalyptus and Vaseline They never talked Id listen But they never talked Id dare myself to go in there just go in and appear and dont say a thing Just stare like some zombie childa child who just shows up from out of nowhere What could they do Stare back Kick me out Put on clothes and kick me out I knew what they were doing I knew it felt good I knew it must feel good to be inside another person Deep inside like thatI went in and there she was.

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Read & Download Ï The One Inside Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Sam Shepard Download The One Inside The One InsideTheyve murdered something far off Fighting over it Yes Screaming Doing their mad cackle as they tear into its softness Hes awake am Pitch black Distant coyotes Mustve been Hes awake in any case Staring at rafters Adjusting to place Awake even after a full Xanax in anticipation of small demonshorses with human heads All small as though life size were too big to fathom His dogs are on the muscle howling from the kitchen in feral imitation Vicious cold again Blue snow biting at the windowsills glowing in whats left of the full moon He throws the blankets back with a bullfighters flourish and swings both bony knees out into the raw air He comes almost immediately to a straight backed sitting position both hands flat on his thighs He tries to take in the ever changing landscape of his bodywhere he resides Which part He peers down at his very thick blue thermal hiking socks pilfered from some movie set Piece of some costumesome character long forgotten Theyve come and gone these characters like brief violent love affairs trailershoney wagonsmorning burritoscraft service tentsphony limousineshot towels am calls Forty some years of it Too big Hard to believe Too vast How did I get in here His aluminum trailer rocks and sways in the howling Chinooks His young face staring back at him through a cheap x mirror surrounded by bare light bulbs Outside theyre shooting film of grasshoppers falling in great swirling cones from the belly of a rented helicopter They actually are In the backgroundwinter wheat as big around as your thumb blows in rolling wavesNow perched on the very edge of his firm mattress staring down at his thick blue socks white puffs of breath vaporizing in the morning dark he knows its all come true He just sits like that for a whilestraight backed A great blue heron waiting for a frog to riseThe house doesnt creak its made of concrete Outside the aspens moan He doesnt feel the cold now It crosses his mind that its been over two years since the very sudden breakup with his last wife A woman hed been with for almost thirty years Crosses his mind Pictures The source Am I whining now he asks himself in the voice of a small boy A boy he remembers but not him Not this one now uaking in blue thermal sockss am Wind just now uit after furious blowing out of the south for three days straight Air still and much warmer House even feels hot Thoughttoday Im exactly one year older than my father was when he died Weird thought as though it were some kind of achievement rather than raw chance Rather than happenstance Pull off black silk long handles Female Electric blue crackles of static I see sparks shooting from my chest Electricity is in me Take the many pills prescribed by acupuncturist Line them all up Colors Shapes Sizes Dont even know what theyre for Just do what youre told Somebody must know something Do what youre told First light cracks through the pions Dogs dead asleep on the kitchen floor splayed out like they were caught suspended in a gallop Make coffee in old stained pot Dump yesterdays grounds Mice rustling in heat vents searching for warmth Thinking about Nabokovs answer to why he writesaesthetic blissthats allaesthetic bliss Yes Whatever that meansTiny ManEarly morning They deliver my fathers corpse in the trunk of a Mercury coupe dew still.

Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Sam Shepard

Read & Download Ï The One Inside Read & Download ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Sam Shepard Download The One Inside My fathers girlfriend sitting ramrod straightnaked almostas though she were riding a pony backward Neither of them noticed me They never turned to see me She just kept on riding him and screaming recklessly working her way up and down in a frenzy He was on his back on a table staring at the ceiling his arms folded behind his head like he might be taking a siesta or listening to the radio His lips were moving but nothing came out I walked right up next to them but they never turned to see me Her pink underwear were on the floor They looked like they belonged to an older woman maybe her motherThere was a frantic knocking and banging at the door but neither of them paid any attention Felicity just kept screaming and pumping away Sometimes she would lean slightly forward look down and examine the penetration closely without passion Her mouth was open wide and her hair stuck to the sweat on her forehead The knocking and banging went on I went to the door and cracked it I had my jockey shorts and T shirt on It was Mabel Hynes the landlady from down the hall She stood there with a Mexican hairless in the folds of her flabby arms The dog was silent but kept its ears pricked for each scream When the scream came the dog yappedWhats going on in there Sounds like someones getting murderedNo its just my dadYour dad Whats he doing Just having fun Hes got a friend with himFun Doesnt sound like fun to meIve never seen her before actually This girlYeah well tell him if he doesnt find a way to keep the noise down Im calling the copsOkayRichly complex Minutely observed A sharp eyed distillation of the themes that have preoccupied him throughout his career The New York Times A writer who has already established himself as an essential modern American playwright Compelling Magnetic Chicago Tribune The narrator seeks authenticity even as he creates art and artifice as a mtier Masculinity and its perils the primitive drama of sibling and father son rivalry are the wellsprings of Shepards work The New York Times Book Review MovingShepard is remarkably successful at rendering his long career of storytelling in relief Santa Fe New MexicanShepard is a master of conflicting emotions and haunting regrets andgraced with a forward by Patti Smiththis is a ravishing tale of deep dark cosmic humor complex tragedy and self inflicted exile Booklist starred review Meditative and valedictory Since this is Shepard the protagonist is riding a sharp and polished knifes edge as he muses Memories of his father especially during wartime of his fathers girlfriend with whom he also became involved with tragic conseuences and of the vibrant American landscape inform the narrative Library Journal Vivid Following a poignant foreword by Patti Smith each successive chapter of the novel flits among times and forms Striking and memorable illustrative of what makes Shepards work so arresting on the screen and the page Publishers Weekly An elegiac amble through blowing dust and greasy spoons the soundtrack the whine of truck engines and the howl of coyotes At turns Shepards story morphs from novel with recurring characters and structured narrative into prose poem with lysergic flashes of brilliance and amphetamine stutters Atmospheric and precisely observed very much of a piece with Shepards other work Kirkus Revie.

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