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  • Paperback
  • 292
  • Spilt Milk
  • Amanda Hodgkinson
  • English
  • 05 January 2020
  • 9781905490714

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Spilt Milk Free download ↠ 104 Download â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Amanda Hodgkinson Read & Download Spilt Milk Suffolk Their life is uiet and predictable until a sudden flood throws up a strange fish on their doorstep and a travelling man who will change them forever1939 Eighteen year old Birdie Farr is working as a barmaid in the family pub in London When she realises she is pregnant she turns. This was a very random choice of reading material so I didn t know what to expect I think the promise of a historical novel was also misleading because the historical events are just the background of the main story Essentially this is a story about three generations of Marsh family women it s about mothers sisters and daughters their secrets their life choices their marriages their losses but above all their relationships with each other The beginning was a bit clumsy but it gets better about 100 pages in when we are introduced to the first big secret no I won t tell you what it is The story twists and turns as the sisters mothers and daughters grow together and apart and together again in a series of life changing events But what I found the most interesting about this book is that we get to follow the changes in attitudes towards women especially unmarried women having children from the early 20th century until about 1960s when the story concludes Overall it was a decent book to read

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Spilt Milk Free download ↠ 104 Download â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Amanda Hodgkinson Read & Download Spilt Milk To her mother Nellie who asks her sister to arrange an adoption for Birdie's newborn daughter But as the years pass Birdie discovers she cannot escape the Marsh sisters' shadowy past and her own troubling obsession with finding her lost daughter will have deep conseuences for all of them. I took this on holiday with me and it was a great read for the poolside It was deep enough to be engaging but not so deep that it felt like a chore to read It starts with three sisters and their secrets which weave through the generations Some things were left unanswered for me but perhaps I missed a few things along the way I could feel the dankness and damp as I read it as the river meanders through the novel I will seek out this author s debut novel as that gets good reviews

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Spilt Milk Free download ↠ 104 Download â PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Amanda Hodgkinson Read & Download Spilt Milk The eagerly anticipated new historical novel from the author of 22 Britannia Road a novel about sisterhood motherhood and secrets that cannot be laid to rest1913 Unmarried sisters Nellie and Vivian Marsh live an impoverished existence in a tiny cottage on the banks of the Little River in. I really enjoyed Amanda Hodgkinson s first novel 22 Britannia Road and wrote that I was eagerly awaiting her next and I was certainly not disappointed in any way The beautiful writing the almost cinematic descriptions the gentle style is even fully developed and this was a simply wonderful readThe story follows the sisters Nellie and Vivian through their lives from 1913 through to the early sixties from their early lives in the isolated Suffolk cottage through their married lives and into old age picking up the stories of their children and grandchildren along the way The whole story is overshadowed by an immense secret the sisters share a really heartbreaking one connected to their meeting the travelling man and which always has the potential of being uncovered This is a story that swirls through time several of the characters face similar issues across the years but the ways they re dealt with are different because of the changing social standardsBoth Vivian and Nellie are uite fascinating characters the products of their unusual early lives and upbringing making choices around alliances and relationships that change the course of their lives I loved Birdie too she s vividly drawn makes her own difficult choices and there are times when your heart really breaks for her There s a wonderful sense of place and time throughout drawn through rich descriptions full of sights tastes and smells The settings are magnificently detailed this is a book where you really do live with the characters from the riverside opening to the London pub with its absence of green the boarding house and tearooms through to the bungalow by the sea But it s not only the physical descriptions the emotional depth is there too beautifully crafted in an easy flowing style building depths of feeling that are immensely movingThis novel is described as being about sisterhood motherhood and secrets that can t be laid to rest it s also a uite beautiful read slowly unfolding all absorbing and I d really recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading about the twists and turns of life and relationships against a beautifully drawn and constantly evolving historic backdrop I really loved itSpilt Milk will be published by Penguin Books UK on 6th February and will be available in both Kindle and paperback editions My thanks to netgalley and the publishers for my advance reading e copy