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Free download Sloane Sisters ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free E would rather wear Laura Ashley every day than be second best at anything Luckily there's not a rival in sight YetAndie Sloane Twelve year old Andie desperately wants to walk the runway Her face is flawless and boys flock to her like love struck sheep There's just one leetle problem She's only 4' 11 But with a new supermodel stepmom she'll be voguing in no time RightStella Childs With her take charge attitude and a closet. Jeannine KJanuary 29 2012January Book ReviewSloane Sisters by Anne CareyThe main characters in my book are the four girls Cate Andie Stella and Lola Sloane are the main characters Cate and Stella are the two older ones They are the same age and are both stuck up They are mean they feel like they are the best they both have lots in common that s why they are always together Andie and Lola are the two younger ones they are also the same age They are both sweet and uietThe protagonists in the story in my opinion are Cate and Stella They are always putting Andie and Lola down they are always ignoring them When

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Free download Sloane Sisters ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Style Sabotage SisterhoodWhen Cate and Andie Sloane's Upper East Side dad met Stella and Lola Childs's British model mom nobody thought a transatlantic relationship would last But then their parents drop the M bomb marriage and it looks like Cate Andie Stella and Lola are going to be one big happy family Well big anyway MeetCate Sloane She dominates the ninth grade at exclusive Ashton Prep Tantrum prone and competitive Cat. Couldn t decide between a 2 and a 3 so I decided to just go with the 2 It wasn t anything special not particularly entertaining or interesting But it was fine It wasn t very long at all so at least it was just a light uick little read And it had a pretty decent ending And the characters were pretty good I loved them at times hated them at times but I guess that keeps things real I won t be reading the next book in the series however And this book was pretty immature so I wouldn t really recommend it to anyone older than 13

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Free download Sloane Sisters ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Full of supermodel swag Stella was the It Girl at her London middle school She's determined to rule Ashton Prep even if that means dethroning the current ueen bee Can you say British InvasionLola Childs London boys called gawky Lola Sticks but she's got a new mission in Manhattan boyfriend or bust With the help of her boy magnet stepsister Lola sets her sights on supercute Kyle Lewis Too bad Kyle's only got eyes for Andie. Sloane Sisters was like a Cliue wannabe Geared towards the Middle Grade then YAWhat I liked best about this book and the upcoming series are the catfights Who doesn t love a good catfight I liked the competition and the heated arguments between Stella and Cate Like the Cliue series they bounce between the words friends and enemies Andie and Lola both cast off from their older siblings are girls that I sympathize with Seriously They did absolutely nothing wrong yet their older siblings aka Cate and Stella are determined to think of them as losers and freaks I actually like them better than Cate

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  • 09 December 2019
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