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J.S. Lee É 0 review free read It Wasnt Love 100 F relationship failuresMillie is also the sole Asian adoptee in a large and bustling white family whose struggles are plenty Severe anorexia and family embezzlement allow her own less tangible issues to be easily overlooked Emptied of the life she thought she was meant to lead dive with her through the fractures between innocence and immorality ‘It Wasn’t Love’ exposes a. I didn t know what to expect when I started reading It Wasn t Love What I uickly realized is that Jessica s relatable prose heartfelt sentiments and Millie s profound honest frankness as she navigates the minefield of post rape trans racial adoption and her teenage years is something that will stick with me for a lifetime It s a tough book but not because of Jessica s lack of story telling skill To the contrary her wordsmithing is sublime Jessica s skill brings home the subject matter that much powerfully It Wasn t Love is the kind of book and Millie is the kind of character that you will find yourself thinking about days and weeks after having finished reading

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J.S. Lee É 0 review free read It Wasnt Love 100 Controversial self empowerment in a society of floundering youth It reveals the shame often coveted too closely and the truths that just can’t be changed Through the voice of a girl on the verge of her will experience the awkwardness of trying to cope with suicide and self preservation Serve as witness to the tumultuous path she must take to seek inner peace and at last lov. This was the second book I read of JS Lee I loved it and it broke my heart I felt so much love and tenderness for Milly A wonderful well written memoir Highly recommended

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J.S. Lee É 0 review free read It Wasnt Love 100 Millie has decided it’s time to take control over the situation regarding her virginity or lack thereof Determined to regain some semblance of balance after a year of post rape trauma she finds a kindred spirit Luke who is dealing with a loss of his own Off the hook from living up to impossible expectations she chooses to reinvent herself through her sexuality and a series o. It Wasn t Love is a powerful book about the stages one goes through in reaction to trauma the ways that past traumas can continue to affect us throughout life and learning to reclaim one s existence despite traumaAlthough it s not clear from the beginning the epilogue explains that It Wasn t Love is something of an autobiographical novel with only names certain details and chronologies changed It begins with Mille as a teenager exploring her own sexuality in the wake of a violent rape Even for those of us who never suffered a sexual assault I think the first part of the book with Millie slowly learning to enjoy sex with Luke is very relatable Personally I m almost jealous of her experience with him She could not have asked for a gentler caring and open young man with whom to learn about sex in a non threatening waySoon after she has something of a summer of hook ups It seems to me like a very believable and realistic portrayal of a young woman trying to find some peace through a reclaiming of her sexuality So many interesting things happen during this time including a great section about a slightly older man who acts just a bit inappropriately which causes her peers to or less drive him out of town Millie on the other hand sympathizes with him recognizing that his behavior wasn t violent It was just inappropriate and awkward She s coming from a place of understanding just how much darker and dangerous the behavior of men can be There is also a part in this section where she uickly initiates and has sex with a young man who comes instantly then tells her he was a virgin She then struggles somewhat with the uestion of whether she should feel she did something unethical to him and I was really relieved she did ask herself those uestions because I would have been disappointed if she hadn tIn fact many times throughout the book there are points when I d ask myself something worried that the author might not address it but then she does in fact address it As soon as I found myself thinking that Millie blacks out an awful lot Millie starts to wonder if she is blacking out for reasons other than being drunk or roofied The book never let me downEually as important in this book is the fact that Millie was adopted from Korea by a white family Over the years I have read many books about adoption from the point of view of birth mothers adult adopted children and adoptive families I started reading these books because of a paper I was writing in a college women s studies class when it occurred to me that adoption is an issue that touches upon three of the main topics in social justice race class and gender All throughout it I thought to myself that Millie acted like a person who feared abandonment and it likely had a lot to do with her very early childhood The book addressed this thoroughly I m glad to sayMillie seems like a really cool person I want to hear her music and read her books I like that she s vegetarian and that both love of non human animals and love of music are therapeutic for her I look forward to reading the future works of JS Lee

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