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Hells Beginning

Hells Beginning review ã eBook or Kindle ePUB When a stranger arrives in Charity Falls Utah he has one intent get a drink and some rest before hitting the road again An altercation with a lush brings back dark memories and the woman's final taunt tips him over the edge He abducts and drags her off to an. I have been looking forward to this book for a long time so I was so happy to grab it as soon as it was releasedJohn T M Herres pulls a few controversial strings in some scenes and I can see how some readers might feel disturbed by this Not my case the author crafts these scenes in a very respectful way and he doesn t glorify themActually that leads me to another point I wanted to mention either fair or unfair the justice of our psychopathIn a general view his victims could have avoided ending up in his hands Wrong choices fatal fate He is confident and implacable completely oblivious to anything out of his obsessionsI like the voice in first person when the protagonist is talking It allows you to swim into the story easilyThe chapters fly uickly it s a fresh read The author involves several characters making the plot multilayered adding complexity to the police scenariosChases shootings kidnapping The psychological terror from the victims is well transferred to the readerThe final performance is unexpected and well moulded In my opinion this title owns several diversified horror elements that will make any fan of the macabre have a good fun time with it

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Hells Beginning review ã eBook or Kindle ePUB Is lair When just two innocents remain only a battle of survival will decide who will walk awayBut the killer strikes again and only one who has been close to the horrors will know what must be doneSomeone must put an end to the reign of terror that has begun. A crazed killer is on the loose with the ability to jump bodies When he attacks a group of people in a small town he must run to avoid the police and the sister of one of the victims The story was interesting as were the characters I m not fond of the storytelling method where it goes back over what happens with a different character but it fills in the blanks Horror fans would enjoy it

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Hells Beginning review ã eBook or Kindle ePUB Abandoned farm There he introduces her to pain and suffering on a journey into her darkest nightmares and his bloodthirsty fantasy However the farm isn't as secluded as he had hoped and he is forced to deal with several others who have wandered too close to h. Brutal sadistic A great story but definitely not for the sueamishHard and extreme don t even begin to describe this novel Let me say from the start this isn t a book for the sueamish the violence is brutal explicit and sadistic For those that prefer their blood and gore left to the imagination this probably isn t the book for them but otherwise it s as blood and gore filled as any horror fan could ever want or hope forA chance encounter and unthinking comment in a bar lead to a woman s death followed by several others innocent people who just happen to get caught up in the madman s psychopathic killing spree As a big and powerful man the killer s victims rarely give him any trouble though obviously some do try to fight back It s this fighting back that initially suggests someone might indeed have succeeded in putting an end to the killer only for the author to spring an unexpected and diabolical twist into the story that ensures the slaughter continues The main protagonist is as thoroughly vile and nasty as you could ever want or expect in a serial killer sadistic to the extreme and his contempt for women eually so As a character he s absolutely loathsome and yet perfectly suited to the story Although horribly graphic at times the writing and dialogue are convincing and the story moves forward at breakneck speed I liked too the author s clever use of perspective alternating between a third person view of the unfolding story and then retelling it from the killer s perspective The degree of torture and mutilation here isn t the level I would normally seek out in a book but I found it to be in context and appropriate to the killer s character rather than merely gratuitous Nonetheless this is a graphically violent story that won t appeal to everyone but those who enjoy some graphic torture and mutilation in their reading will find it in abundance here and importantly aligned to a well crafted story Well worth a look for fans of the extreme end of the horror spectrum