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Ghosts in the Yew Vesteal Series Omnibus Collection #1

Read & download ☆ Ghosts in the Yew Vesteal Series Omnibus Collection #1 102 Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ã Blake Hausladen A tale of violent magic intrigue and statecraft the Vesteal Series is the story of four who are banished beyon. Ghosts in the Yew tells the story of Prince Barok one of the many Yentif princes his washerwoman fresh from the Dagoda school Dia a hardend Hemari soldier addicted to alcohol Leger and Prince Barok s nightguard Geart who are banished from the palace and the capital for crimes they didn t commit We get to follow their struggle to survive and their rise to powerIf you like your books fast paced and action packed all the way through you might struggle to get through the second 25% of the book which covers a lot of the build up for the second halve of the book I didn t mind because I like getting to know the characters and the environment It s the rise of the city that makes the first halve of this book so great in my opinion For example watching Barok come to terms with his heritage and his past and how it changes him Reading the struggle between his Yentif and Vesteal heritage was really interesting Seeing how everything unfolds how everyday life disputes are solved and how a place that s been lost for so long can rise again all give this book its charmOnce you re past the first halve of the book though you ll be glued to the pages as the second halve is much action packed You ll be wondering what will happen to the various characters and Enhedu who will have wormed their way into your heartThis is not a light story when you sit down with this book be prepared for a detailed description of this new and imaginative world its inhabitants and their struggle for justice and survivalThere is a huge focus on the political side of this empire and the economic growth of Enhedu which seems well researched and give a credible representation of the struggle to stay alive in a medieval esue settingI will draw a comparison here because Ghosts in the Yew gave me the same feeling as another book I read last year en thoroughly enjoyed The Pillars of the Earth The time passing by having a dream to return a desolate place to its former glory building a city and having to cope with constant opposition I really enjoyed reading a book that gave me the same sentiment as Pillars which is one of my favorite books so farIt always amazes me how such an extensive story can sprout from a single human s mind Every person with such a detailed and huge imagination that wants to share this talent with the world should be applauded I love a huge story with lots of characters and extensive scenery so this book was right up my alleyI would recommend Ghosts in the Yew to everyone who likes an elaborate Fantasy story full of political intrigue with a splash of magic Especially if you read The Pillars of the Earth and enjoyed it this will be a great read for you45 dragons

Characters Ghosts in the Yew Vesteal Series Omnibus Collection #1

Read & download ☆ Ghosts in the Yew Vesteal Series Omnibus Collection #1 102 Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ã Blake Hausladen D the edge of the map to a land of gnarled forests ancient magicand the site of a terrible murder Their strugg. I have to say I am extremely impressed by Mr Hausladen s writing It is hard to believe this is his first book the richness and complexity of the story and characters is like a fine Cabernet on the palate The characters are compelling and very human they are people you want to love hate and pity This is not your typical fantasy novel where the author concentrates and relies too heavily on action and magical outcomes While Ghosts in the Yew is action filled and magical Mr Hausladen has obviously done his research and brings his high finance background to bear in developing a detailed and complex background that includes socio economic underpinnings and drivers in a world that seems all to realisticI could not put the book down and am impatiently waiting for the next one

Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ã Blake Hausladen

Read & download ☆ Ghosts in the Yew Vesteal Series Omnibus Collection #1 102 Free download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ã Blake Hausladen Les to survive will put them at odds with their families their nation and the very powers that shaped the worl. I bought this book directly from the author who markets it by going around to conventions in person He s hoping that by the time he reaches the third or fourth book in the series he ll thus have an inbuilt audience I will say that it seems to have done well at getting readers to actually review the book on Goodreads Since it s a first novel I m going to be a bit nitpicky than I otherwise mightWhen political scheming by Prince Barok of the Zoviyan Empire against his possibly evil half brother Prince Yarik backfires horribly the young royal finds himself going into exile Accompanied only by Leger an alcoholic war hero who s been appointed his alsman head servant as a slap in the face Barok finds himself ruling the remote and dilapidated province of Enhedu whose people and the ghosts of the title are less than happy to have himSoon Prince Barok is joined by his one faithful servant Dia a concubine who has her reasons for being grateful to the otherwise less than admirable prince It s about this time that Barok learns a few things about his heritage he wasn t aware of and that his exile might be less coincidence than fateor someone s plan Now Barok must somehow restore Enhedu s prosperity and prevent its people from being forced into slaveryThere are four first person narrators Barok Leger Dia and Geart Prince Barok s former bodyguard who spends much of this volume in prison or slavery This can get confusing as most of them have very similar narration styles Barok s distinct at first until his personality changes With the switching back and forth it takes a fair amount of time before it s clear where the plot is goinguite a bit of time is spent on the community building part of the plotline the author s researched well but this does reuire some patience on the readers part The volume is illustrated some maps some scene setting photographs and diagrams and a couple of handwritten notes that are a bit hard to read especially the one that is supposed to be hard to readI do see a lot of potential here but this was perhaps a little ambitious for a first book I noticed a tendency to overdo the negative ualities of some of the villains for example A neighboring lord isn t just greedy he s fat ugly balding rude and illiterate A meddlesome woman isn t just self righteous and judgmental she s also fat lazy nagging frigid and either doesn t understand how pregnancy works or tells easily spotted lies about itThis is also a book that could use a glossary There s three different military units that all have names that start with H for example and that took some leafing back and forth to figure out which one was whichThis is a relatively low magic setting at least until near the end when one of the characters really gets to cut loose In the final chapters we also get a few details that make the religious struggle not uite as simplistic as sky father religion bad earth mother religion good but it s a very small caveat that is likely to be important in later booksWhile it s an okay read I would need to see some strong improvement in the next volume before recommending the series

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  • Ghosts in the Yew Vesteal Series Omnibus Collection #1
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  • 11 August 2018
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