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Stronger After Stroke

Free read Ì Stronger After Stroke 109 Ructions for reaching the highest possible level of healing Written for stroke survivors their caregivers and their loved ones the book presents a new approach that is startling in its simplicity stroke survivors recover by using the same learning techniues that anyone uses to master anything Basic concepts are covered including repetiti. This was a very helpful book to read right after a stroke The author is very matter of fact and positive He seeks to empower stroke survivors to reach for recovery not just function There were a lot of takeaways and I m sure I ll refer back freuently

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Free read Ì Stronger After Stroke 109 Billions of dollars are spent each year researching stroke rehabilitation and treatment techniues but most are not well communicated to patients or caregivers As a result many stroke survivors are treated with outdated or ineffective therapies Stronger After Stroke puts the power of recovery in the reader’s hands by providing easy inst. Disappointing Stronger After Stroke Maybe but I didn t get that from this book A roadmap to recovery No not a clear roadmap to anywhere This book felt like an unedited self published work It is full of vague generalities and redundancies as well as weak sentences such as this construction which appeared several times Research has shown that No notes or footnotes In addition to an editor this volume also needs a modern book design This book ranks as the No 9 best selling stroke book at Consider these books The Stroke Recovery Book A Guide for Patients and FamiliesClear and well organized with informative graphics and photographs Written by a rehab physician Its clarity and organization should earn it a ranking higher than 25 among the stroke books at My Stroke of Insight A Brain Scientist s Personal JourneyThe No 1 top selling stroke book at A brain scientist tells why she became a neuroanatomist One morning before going to her lab at the Harvard Brain Bank she survived a stroke at home Wow This is so cool she thought to herself during the euphoric stupor How many scientists can study their own brain function and mental deterioration from the inside The story of her panic terror detachment from reality then the stages of recovery hit a common thread I survived a stroke earlier in the year Jill Bolte Taylor s telling of the story includes a welcome dose of humor This clip with two and a half million hits ranks as the second most popular TED Talk video The Brain That Changes Itself Neuroplasticity a new science can explain adaptability of the brain after it suffers damage from stroke or other disorders such as cerebral palsy and learning disabilities Written by a physician on the research faculty of Columbia University The No 3 neuroscience book at

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Free read Ì Stronger After Stroke 109 On of task specific movements proper scheduling of practice challenges at each stage of recovery and setting goals and recognizing achievements Stronger After Stroke bridges the gap between stroke survivors and what they desperately need easily understandable and scientifically accurate information on how to achieve optimal rehabilitatio. This book is a must have for all stroke survivors Unfortunately I had my stroke 10 years ago but the author is so inspirational Even though our doctors OTs and PTs may put a time limit on recovery Levin stresses the importance of realizing that as long as we try hard we can get better There are so many new treatments for stroke survivors I wish half of these were out 10 years ago but I have benefited recently from some of the new technology the book mentions At first I had checked the book out from the library but I had to buy it because it has so much information in it 5 stars

  • Paperback
  • 256
  • Stronger After Stroke
  • Peter G. Levine
  • English
  • 25 June 2018
  • 9781932603743