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  • Stepbrother
  • Lauren Landish
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  • 22 September 2020
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Read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Lauren Landish Lauren Landish Æ 0 Read & download Characters È Stepbrother 100 It was for the best I had just gotten out of a nasty relationship and I didn’t need to muddle matters by engaging in an improper one Little did I know that my stepbrother Mason had his own plans for me Improper or not Mason has always done what he wanted Rich powerful and handsome there is very little that Mason will let stand in his way Because you see Mason is a high stakes player that plays with NO LIMIT. Disgraceful rubbish shoved together in a shiort story I finished in 20 minutes It s not even a decent story line it s rushed annoying is the price 199 for a short story are you for real Good uality full story books sell cheaper than that how can you justify a short read at that price that lacks length depth or uakiy and using the odd few sex scenes as a way yo try and sell t when infact they aren t even realistic This is a poor book not the best way to get established it s shamful when writers are ovr charging readers for short crap reads and then try to make it in to a series over over rices short reads MILKING IT springs to mind Yes I returned it for a refund it was an insult not only to me but also my kindle

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Read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Lauren Landish Lauren Landish Æ 0 Read & download Characters È Stepbrother 100 The pain was slowly fading Though I had caught my bastard ex having oral sex with my best friend I vowed to not let his betrayal rule me Karma has a cool way of coming back to bite someone in the ass but in Todd’s case I hoped it took a bite out of his balls A big painful bite So when my mother called me to attend her wedding to a billionaire banker I jumped at the chance I abandoned EVERYTHING to get away m. It was good until the end I actually thought this was an interesting stepbrother book It wasn t like they grew up together or she knew the father but never meet the son This was pretty much her mom getting married to a guy and she was meeting them all except her mom for the first time I understand this was a short book but it missed something for meAfter Emily catches her boyfriend with someone else she gets a call from her mom asking her to come to her wedding After meeting her new stepbrother Mason she starts to get feelings deep down below wink wink but she can t do anything with her new stepbrother That is until her mom and new husband as her to work with him while they are away One thing leads to another and the end just was odd and I was completely confusedI get you want revenge on your ex and I thought how it was done was funny in a revenge kind of way but what happens at the end left me uncomfortable and confused Like I didn t understand the point of it I was good until the e

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Read ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Æ Lauren Landish Lauren Landish Æ 0 Read & download Characters È Stepbrother 100 Y summer job my brand new car and important courses integral to my upcoming MBA After all I had nothing to lose Or so I thought When billionaire heir Mason Lockwood swaggered through my mother’s wedding I was instantly smitten Tall sandy haired with a chiseled jaw that could shave glass he was beyond hot There was just one little problem He was my new stepbrother That meant there'd be no fooling around Maybe. Good readThis story held my interest from the opening scene in which Emily is dealing with the drama of catching her boyfriend cheating on her to the satisfyingly naughty revenge and the surprise ending In the midst of dealing with the drama in her life Emily is encouraged by her family to work for her new stepbrother Mason The two have an instant attraction towards each other and the passion shared by Emily and Mason is hot Their don t care attitude makes for a refreshing to read and they don t let their parents marriage cloud the fact that they are consenting adults Plus I like how they handle themselves when they are confronted with potentially distressing situations The characters in this book are written in such a way that they come across as real individuals and reading this book definitely encourages me to read of this author s work