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  • Paperback
  • 363
  • A Noble Cause
  • J. Gregory Smith
  • English
  • 22 December 2020
  • 9781612181530
A Noble Cause

Free download ì A Noble Cause J. Gregory Smith ´ 5 Free read Download A Noble Cause Rk a secret he doesn’t even know he possessesNot since Richard Condon’s The Manchurian Candidate and Dean Koontz’s False Memory have such keen intelligence shocking twists and explosive turns graced the thriller genre Its intensity increasing from the very beginning A Noble Cause pounds the senses with such uncompromising originality that there is little to do but rush toward its shattering climax. Maybe a 35 but it was free for Kindle

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Free download ì A Noble Cause J. Gregory Smith ´ 5 Free read Download A Noble Cause Disappearance before it’s too lateMark’s investigation into his girlfriend’s disappearance and his father’s death uncovers a sinister connection a mystery he attempts to unravel with the help of his eccentric grandmother and the courageous crew one a former Navy SEAL of her luxury yacht Putting all of their lives at risk Mark comes up against a rich and powerful foe determined to pry from Ma. I got half way through this book and was intrigued by the disappearance of Vanessa and the mystery behind what Mark s father was up to but just couldn t finish it because of the other characters There were too many characters and not enough character development to get me interested enough to finish this book First book in a long time that I did not finish

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Free download ì A Noble Cause J. Gregory Smith ´ 5 Free read Download A Noble Cause Mark Noble plans a surprise proposal to his girlfriend during a romantic Caribbean vacation But before he can pop the uestion she disappears and his father a world famous celebrity doctor who seems to have perfected mind control is killed in a mysterious fire back home While searching for his girlfriend Mark finds himself chased by two dangerous thugs and the race is on to find out the truth of her. There s nothing particularly subtle or intricate about J Gregory Smith s competent new novel A Noble Cause It s a straightforward modern thriller unburdened by complexity With the exception of one secondary character all of the principals and secondaries who toil in Smith s story are either plainly good or plainly bad and none of them are very deep Smith s settings won t take readers anywhere they ve not visited before courtesy of dozens of other novelists in scores of other novels Still Smith writes fairly snappy and realistic dialogue his points of view are consistent and he paces this novel well enough to keep the pages turning It s a solid thriller written with skill sufficient to hold readers attention and keep them entertainedIn the aftermath of his girlfriend s Antiguan disappearance and the murders of his parents in Pennsylvania Mark Noble battles to uncover the reasons and people behind the mys