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Maid in Space

Review ê Maid in Space ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF A SERIALIZED STORY THIS IS PART 1 I can offer her the world but will she accept it Cameron Duke the Fourth is fleeing Earth to escape all the unwanted attention from the masses Literally the world's most eligible bachelor he's had eno I did enjoy this new story though must confess I hate series collections I much prefer to read all in one go This was great though and eagerly await the next two installments that can t come out soon enough It s an interesting tale of a wealthy man Cameron very disillusioned with life and that money tends to attract the wrong people time and time again He s decided it s time to escape in a sense some much desired time alone away from the chaos of everyday lifeHe s chosen space Well he can he s wealthy and that s his choiceOur heroine is a saddened woman by her cheating Ex Rachel loves her work as a cleaner to the wealthy and her time alone to read and dream She applies for a role at Cameron s company a future role in space Despite meeting the man she has no idea he will be her future employer I guess will be revealed in the next installment of this series For a shorty it s well written with plenty of info on the characters Now we just need Please

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Review ê Maid in Space ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ing What's wrong with her So when she is approached by her employer to interview for the job of a lifetime doing housecleaning work in the most unlikely of places for a very good salary she hops at the opportunityEven if it is in spac This is a great introduction to Rachel and Cameron It is a short installment that takes about an hour to read and does end in a cliffhanger Rachel and Cameron both enjoy their solitude and are perfectly happy spending time alone with books and sci fi shows than with people They have an instant attraction to one another The problem is that Rachel doesn t see herself as worthy and can t understand why a man like Cameron would be interested in her It s got to be a trick right Check this out for yourself and see I am anxiously awaiting part twoI voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book This is my honest review

Download ¶ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ä Amber Stuart

Review ê Maid in Space ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ugh of Earth women who only seek his prestige power and moneyAs an heir to his family's businesses he is the world's first trillionaireTime and time again Rachel Sioux has opened her heart only to be burned jilted dumped and left want This is a Stunningly Amazing Trillionaire Romance This story does have a cliffhanger but it is so awesome it will have you eagerly looking forward to the next part Once you start it you will be glued to the pages Cameron Duke the fourth is fed up with women who only want him for his prestigepower and money Plus the unwanted attention from the masses So for the last three years he has had a plan on the development He plans to leave this world behind as he is moving to outer space His space station home is almost finished All he needs is to hire a staff that does not mind being in space Rachel Sioux is a house cleaner for the elite She has just been jilted by her cheating exboyfriend When her boss sends her an email about an exclusive job opportunity There is a big mystery around this job opportunity When she goes for the interview Cameron feels drawn to her Could Rachel be the best one for the job or will she turn out to be a lot You will so love this exciting sweet and funny story This is a must read book

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