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Forsaking All Others

Forsaking All Others review ê 0 Es his male lover an ex girlfriend the current girlfriend;a former prostitute and most of all his meddling half sister This time she was deadly serious Families enemies and friends would take sides in this struggle to the death Somethings were not as they appeared Love betrayal lust and blood would push them all to Forsaking All Othe.

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Forsaking All Others review ê 0 His bloodbath of death He had showed Derrick love and selflessly saved his life Now he was the world's top male supermodel with killer looks and a soul to match That selfless act would make one of them go on a killing spree across the country Everyone thought she had died But she was back and this time she was eliminating all obstacl.

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Forsaking All Others review ê 0 The powerful young warlock named Dorian Masters had to put aside his grief over the loss of his child and the mother of that child Her deceitful games brought about their destruction He would continue the almost endless battle against the Collins family as they tighened their control over the city of New York They alone had started t.