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READ Finding Our Home Reclaiming Hope #35 107 To forget the rules forget the conseuences I wanted his blood and his body What will happen when human and vampire come together Will one night of passion be it for the couple or is it possible that there’s than only lust at pla. Finding Our Home is a Reclaiming Hope Story by Michele Notaro It is sweet and sexy with great storyline and characters Neo and Dorian are fantastic together and I enjoyed their story I really am anxious for stories from this series

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READ Finding Our Home Reclaiming Hope #35 107 That allowed vampires to feed from them Dorian His blood was alluring than any other I’d encountered before which was saying something I’d seen and tasted my fair share of bestowers But I’d never smelled one that made me want. 35 rounded downDefinitely should be read after reading the three books in the Reclaiming Hope series as it takes place immediately after book 3 featuring characters and events from that book I read it immediately after finishing that book and it was a fun little extension I honestly didn t care all that much about the main characters but it was decent read and worth it for the additional build onto the enticing ending of book 3

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READ Finding Our Home Reclaiming Hope #35 107 Neo The first time I saw him he took my breath away He’d looked across the courtyard and made eye contact with me and I hadn’t been able to look away The only way I knew how to find him again was by becoming a bestower a human. It should be noted that this book should be read after book 3 in the Reclaiming Hope books I did not know that since this one was released before book 3 So yeah there are SPOILERS in it As to this short it was short and sweet