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FREE DOWNLOAD ½ Flashback Gayle Wilson Û 0 FREE DOWNLOAD A wounded warrior was facing the toughest mission of his lifeThe battlefield had taught Jake Underwood just how much could be lost in a single moment So when he returned home scarred and grieving for those he'd left behind the last thing he needed was to be. 4 Stars Eden s childhood had been wrought with tragedy first her younger sister had been stolen from her bed without a trace and then overwhelmed with grief her mother had committed suicide To put the painful past behind them her father moved them to small town Waverly where he d become the Chief of Police Following in her father s footsteps Eden went into criminology and when the time came she stepped into the Chief s position Jake is a wounded veteran No one doubted his dedication to his country or the tremendous sacrifice he d made A brain injury has left him with weakness on one side of his body and with horrible PTSD type flashbacks When a little girl is abducted from her bed in the middle of the night Jake s flashbacks change from memories of his own traumas to visions of the missing little girl At first Eden doesn t know what to make of Jake s visions but when they prove to be fairly accurate she takes him into her confidence When someone starts leaving reminders of Eden s sister s abduction they can t ignore the possible connection I m a huge fan of Ms Wilson s Intrigues and was thrilled when this one was released Though Jake s character is subdued than I m used in an Intrigue hero he s one of those uiet honorable types that you wish would knock on your door and invite himself in He s not afraid to cross a few lines to get to the truth and Eden supports that side of him As Eden begins to trust him they make a great team The mystery is well done with a very satisfying HEA

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FREE DOWNLOAD ½ Flashback Gayle Wilson Û 0 FREE DOWNLOAD Responsible for another person's life Especially that of a missing little girl But one look in police chief Eden Reddick's tear fi lled eyes and Jake couldn't help but feel her frustrationand share her pain Jake knew Eden was grateful for whatever investigat. HI 1295

READ & DOWNLOAD ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Û Gayle Wilson

FREE DOWNLOAD ½ Flashback Gayle Wilson Û 0 FREE DOWNLOAD Ive skills he could offer until he uncovered a connection to her mysterious past Now as a heartbreaking case turned even personal when Eden became a target Jake realized that all he'd lost in his past was nothing compared with just how much he had to lose no. Starting this book two days before Christmas is not the brightest idea I knew I didn t have time to just read until it ended and previous acuaintance with Gayle Wilson s writing should have warned me that she engages the reader immediately and doesn t let go even when that reader is unable to continue reading The mind goes on to play around with ideas and possibilities until it drives you crazy and you have to read again So I spent the day alternating between Christmas things I had to get done and reading Flashback I will be the first to admit that any book that puts a young child in jeopardy pushes all my buttons I have been known to cut a writer off for eternity if they actually kill a child in a book Mary Higgins Clark 25 years ago for example I just can t take it So I worried my way through this book thankfully short but long enough to keep me on tenterhooks for far too long And now can t wait to find another by Ms Wilson

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  • Flashback
  • Gayle Wilson
  • English
  • 09 March 2020
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