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Review First Night of Summer First Night of Summer Characters ´ 8 WHEN TRAGEDY STRIKES a father discovers that a journey of misfortune is sometimes the path to deliverance The uaint mountain town of Ruidoso New Mexico is the perfect place for Isaac Snow to raise his family But when eight year old daughters Caroline and Josie commit an innocent act of heroism media coverage attracts the wrong kind of attention Soon their life unravels leading them to the crossroads of love and hate forgiveness and retribution In the dark hours of a drizzly morning Isaac an ex a. I almost didn t buy this book from a poor review I read on that didn t finish the book but something inside me asked how could so many other people absolutely rave about it So I gave this new author a chance and am so thankful I did You can t judge this book if you don t finish it till the end I think this is such a misunderstood read by mediocre minded people who lack to see the depth in this book Yes there are some disturbing scenes but they should be The author deftly navigated the horrifying seuences without being too graphic in detail Isn t that the reason we all read thrillers because it scares us and we like to despise the bad guy These things happen in the world we live inwhy should we stick our heads in the sand and act like it s not out there It doesn t make it go away It has opened my eyes to being aware of my children and not taking the life I have for granted I can t imagine what these unfortunate families must go through when these tragedies strike It could happen to anyone How do they ever pick up the pieces and live a normal life again First Night of Summer is a gritty yet emotional and pulse pounding read that will stick to your thoughts long after you finish it This is not a surface level thriller it digs deep into the psyche of a darkened mind and pulls your heartstrings into the abyss of one family s despair To my surprise it has become one of my favorite reads of all time

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First Night of Summer

Review First Night of Summer First Night of Summer Characters ´ 8 Ir force pilot wakes to find a masked intruder cradling one of the twins in his arms Before he can react the man in black leaps through the nearest window plummeting in a tangle of body parts and glass Isaac charges in pursuit but is suddenly faced with a new dilemma Caroline is unconscious lying facedown in the lawn cuts from the shattered window saturating her pajamas If he gives chase his little girl will surely bleed to death From a secretive loner with a pension for unrestrained violence to. I wish I could give this book than 5 stars It was amazing from beginning to end I almost put it down a couple times because the heart wrenching actions and thought process of antagonist Ricky Doors a sadistic pedophile was almost too much for me to bear However these things really happen It is taboo because the reality of it cripples us but it s not fair to the small victems to ignore it this story made me laugh cry and shudder in fear Landon Parham is a new fantastic addition to the literary world and I cant wait to read of his stuff

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Review First Night of Summer First Night of Summer Characters ´ 8 The pristine granite peaks of the Rocky Mountains from laughter filled family dinners to a string of cross country abductions LANDON PARHAM'S debut novel relentlessly explores the horrific realities of unnatural lust and obsession Taken well beyond the investigation and law enforcement tactics you'll find yourself steeped in journey of evil and torment and the power of family that overcomes it all Suspenseful bold and meticulously researched; a true psychological thriller that captures the hear. I am afraid to admit how much I enjoyed this book I would recommend it to every reader if I could The content can be rather dark at times but I remained absolutely spellbound to its pages The intense scenes had me raptured with interest I LOVED IT Well paced chapters kept me wanting I can t even put into words how this book made me feel as it is so different from what I have read in this genre My emotions were all over the grid The gripping plot is written with a real life villain that scares you to the core Landon Parham did a phenomenal job portraying the visual of the story and its characters I truly felt everything that was happening to them as if it was happening to me To all the readers who uestion this book I say finish it to the end and you will not be disappointed Part Two takes you on a freight train that is headed down a collision course and you will certainly not be able to set this book down Great literary prowess for a first time novelist it surpassed my expectations and I am keeping an eye out for his next

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  • 24 July 2019
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