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free download The Legend of Eli Monpress free read The Legend of Eli Monpress í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Eli Monpress is talented He's charming And he's a thiefBut not just any thief He's the greatest thief of the age and he's also a wizard And with the help of his partners a swordsman with the most powerful magic sword in the world. You can find this review and at Novel Notions Actual rating 45 stars The Legend of Eli Monpress is such a classic romp of a fantasy tale The world building was solid the magic system entertaining and fascinating I love the idea of every single thing on earth from rocks to grass from rivers to wind having a consciousness of its ownBut what made the story for me was the cast of characters There was a lot of character development here especially in the form of the relationships between characters Miranda and Gin Josef and Nico Eli and well everything were all such fun relationships to read about I m a big fan of motley crews and Eli s ragtag group is about as motley as they come The first book in the omnibus The Spirit Thief starts as almost a classic heist story mingled with a kidnapping However Eli attracts trouble and the straightforwardness doesn t last for long He has a giant bounty on his head and his main goal in life is to raise that bounty to an astronomical sum This goal obviously attracts plenty of attention and bounty hunters are always on his trail But his main concern isn t the bounty hunters but the Spiritualist closing in on him for crimes against wizardry The tables turn again and again throughout the story and while there were certain elements that were predictable on the whole there were plenty of twists and turns to maintain my attentionThe second installment The Spirit Rebellion picks up where the first leaves off with focus on Miranda and the Spirit Court She s suffering for her part in the events of the previous book and those who hate her master are twisting events to use them against Miranda s mentor Through a random string of events Miranda meets up with Eli and the gang once again in the duchy of Gaol All is not right in the seemingly perfect town and the Duke of Gaol turns out to be a heinous villain the like of whom I haven t come across often So once again thief and Spiritualist much begrudgingly come together to save the day My favorite side element of this story was getting to meet Slorn a wonderful character who reminded me a bit of Beorn from The Hobbit and learning about Nico s magic coat The Spirit Eater the middle novel in the five book series and the last in this omnibus is really all about Nico We learn so much about her history and how she came to be a member of the gang I love her relationship with Josef and I find her lack of deeper relationship with Eli and interesting difference While there was to the story than just gaining a deeper understanding of Nico that s what made the book for me A writing choice I ve found very interesting in this series is the decision to sink all of the character development into side characters instead of the eponymous character While Eli is compelling and fun he hasn t developed much depth so far but that actually works great for the story In a way it reminds me of Oliver Twist Oliver has always seemed to me like the backdrop of his story allowing characters like Fagan and Nancy to shine Eli feels the same to me He s the most charismatic backdrop ever but for me he s definitely the backdropWhile plot wise they have little in common this series reminds me of Michael J Sullivan s Riyria so far in that it feels like classic fantasy with modern vernacular It s fun and light but it s not shallow there s enough depth here to keep me interested in the characters well being And once again I really appreciate how clean Aaron s stories are I could hand this book to a ten year old without feeling a shred of hesitation although it s unuestionably written for adults The I read from Aaron the I adore herNow to see how the series wraps up in the second omnibus

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free download The Legend of Eli Monpress free read The Legend of Eli Monpress í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Some big things But he'll start small for now He'll just steal something that no one will miss at least for a whileLike a kingThe Legend of Eli Monpress includes the novels The Spirit Thief The Sprit Rebellion and The Spirit Eat. Whew Pauses to catch breath Well that was a roller coaster ride and no mistake Action heaped on action the same frenetic scene fragmented into half a dozen different points of view a bunch of wildly original characters all with their own very different agendas and a hapless king kidnapped by a wily thief while a usurper seizes his opportunity Can the villains be defeated and the rightful king restored to his throne Oh dear let me think about that for a moment But just because a book is predictable in certain ways doesn t make it dull and this one is anything but dullThe world is in many ways much the usual pseudo medieval affair a place of small kingdoms ruled by the power of the sword It s the magic that lifts this out of the ordinary Everything it seems has a spirit or soul even rocks and trees and moss and small rodents Some humans have the power to hear the spirits of other beings and how they deal with that is the foundation of the story Some have the power to enslave spirits and force them to bend to the enslaver s will which generally drives them to madness Some choose to enter into a cooperative and mutually beneficial arrangement the spirit becomes a kind of servant to the human whose own spirit nourishes them And then there s Eli who has a different way Then there are seed demons which are very scary and bordering on uncontrollable And then there are awakened swords I don t know what it is about sentient weaponry but I get shivers down my spine whenever an author is imaginative enough to throw some into the mix Here there are two such swords and very awesome they are tooNow the characters cover the spectrum of possibilities raised by the magic but at times they feel a bit like ciphers rather than characters It s tempting to say The seed demon did such and such which tells me that they never uite worked as characters Eli is the stand out exception to this he s a fascinating person with his mischievous personality and good humoured approach to life I liked him very much Miranda on the other hand feels like a token a seemingly powerful and feisty female character who is easily defeated at every turn by others powerful who is dragged along on the final rescue mission for no obvious reason other than to be fortuitously on hand to perform one significant plot task at the very end using an object which she logically shouldn t have had with her in the first place When a character says right I absolutely have to leave all these behind but I ll just keep this itsy bitsy tiny one just because my plot contrivance alarm cranks into action Well it s obvious that it s going to be important isn t itThe final dramatic confrontation or rather a whole series of confrontations is gloriously over the top in an almost cartoonish way In real life real humans simply wouldn t survive this kind of punishment but somehow you just know that most of these will albeit with the odd scrape or sword wound in need of a little light stitching But that s OK this is fantasy after all Oh and the first part of a trilogy so yes they re going to survive For me this was almost a wonderful read light hearted mostly logical with an interesting magic system some unusual characters and did I mention how much I like sentient swords And laugh out loud funny But the lack of real depth or development in the characters and the relentless pace of the action were big negatives for me and I probably won t finish the series Three stars

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free download The Legend of Eli Monpress free read The Legend of Eli Monpress í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB But no magical ability of his own and a demonseed who can step through shadows and punch through walls he's going to put his plan into effectThe first step is to increase the size of the bounty on his head so he'll need to steal. An omnibus collection of the first three of five so far books about Eli Monpress wizard thief who s adorably headstrong cocky very very good at what he does and whose ambition is to have the largest bounty ever recorded Fast paced and fun as the first book opens Eli with his companions Josef Liechten the swordsman and a mysterious girl called Nico is stealing a king much easier than trying to get into the royal treasury But as the series progresses things get darker and complex what with the pursuing wizards and insane swordsmen and demons and what have youDefinitely I ll be continuing on to the next volumes

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