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Summer Blonde Review ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Moral discernment mark the title story in which a socially crippled man nurses an obsessive crush on a young woman He watches close up paralyzed by his guilt as her beauty catches the eye of his neighbor a hip selfish young man with a short attention span One of Optic Nerve's most popular stories `Hawaiian Getaway` features Hilary telephone service rep who is having the worst week of her life She lost her job her apartment and her grandmother Close to the edge she is losing her grip Reaching out to random strang. I wasn t initially planning to write a review for Summer Blonde but thought it necessary to share my thoughts both on this collection and on general meaning in literature after seeing some rather negative feedback from fellow readers on this graphic novel Summer Blonde is the first piece I ve read by Adrian Tomine It consists of four short stories following the everyday lives of four different characters all eually flawed and unlikeable yet tied together by their feelings of loneliness and alienation A uiet middle aged man who falls for the girl working the register at the local greeting card shop A recent graduate working as a phone operator who struggles with her relationship with her roommate her parents and her successful sister One facet of this collection which many have listed as a major point of criticism is the fact that none of these stories end on a positive note In fact each story cuts off abruptly without much of an ending at all there is no grandiose metaphor no definitive resolution no message to behold If you re looking for a conventional plot structure you won t find it here Just as Tomine drops us right into the lives of these characters at the beginning of each story so the endings have a similarly jarring uality to them Things happen to these characters the plot progresses internal conflict becomes clear tensions rise with each turn of the page But for the most part the characters remain wholly emotionally unchanged despite this progression The lack of emotional development though albeit frustrating for the reader makes Tomine s work arguably far memorable and realistic than most The subtle experiences he presents us with are but a few of many experiences which make up the entirety of our long lives And that s exactly what this book is it is subtle and it is uiet It is a snippet into the unchanging nature of our existence But through it all Summer Blonde remains unarguably real and that is its power Yes it is probably unlike most graphic novels you ve read Yes Tomine has chosen objectively to craft a piece which is devoid of an identifiable overarching theme or metaphor But to uote Leigh Bardugo in her review of This One Summer a brilliant graphic novel by the Tamaki s which faced similar criticism this lack of an ending is exactly as it should be My only criticism is that collectively though tied together by similar emotions and experiences these stories lacked a sense of flow between them possibly stemming from the main characters similar personalitiesThough it certainly isn t for everyone I will say that this collection has stayed with me longer than most graphic novels I ve read I must recommend Tomine to all graphic novel enthusiasts as a must read author I m looking forward to exploring the rest of his work in the near future

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Summer Blonde Review ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ers on the phone Hilary is looking for someone to help her In Alter Ego a successful young author has writer`s block He can`t or won`t decide between another ghostwriting gig and finishing his second real novel He stalls on committing to his novel and his girlfriend when a chance postcard leads him to flirt with fantasies of changing the past Finally Bomb Scare documents the early unease of his generation by setting this coming of age story during the tense months of the Gulf War the event that ushered in the 199. Such a right on look at urbansuburban loneliness We all may not have felt this way in our high school and college and 20 something years but I sure have at times Sure the characters are whiny and self pitying but so are people who actually go through those situations This is not as Raymond Carver redux as everybody is claiming for one thing the situations are a little unusual where Carver really gets great mileage out of the banal and the utterly ordinary No this feels like classic lonely dead end job art a bunch of just heartbreaking enough little gems about how surreal the world can feel when the bottom drops out of your serotonin levelsTomine isn t my hero but I recognize a little too much of myself in his work to have anything but some serious respect for his artistry

Read Æ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Í Adrian Tomine

Summer Blonde Review ✓ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Adrian Tomine's cult comix series Optic Nerve is finally collected into one sharp looking hardcover volume Described as the Raymond Carver of comix Tomine constructs tales of emotional disconnection with an ear for painfully real dialogue Combined with his deft black and white depictions of urbane lifestyles Tomine's fans have often accused him of eavesdropping in on their most intimate moments and with forensic skill laying their lives bare The conflicts between emotional gratification narcissistic neediness and. Oh people can be so pathetic Yes they can be And disconnected And lonely They struggle with their feelings And with their relationships It s really hard to like them sometimes They seem so alienated and powerless And they keep making bad choices and connect with even unlikeable characters Aren t they just so hopeless These people don t seem to find meaning and joy in their lives It s just so depressing to observe these socially inept characters At the same time it s also incredibly fascinating Like this young writer who after having written one successful book starts to neglect his work and his perfectly fine romantic relationship Is he already blinded by his precarious fameAnd like that creepy lonely middle aged man who falls for a much younger cute blonde girl Such a loser Can t he just accept that she has not the slightest interest in him and that in reality she isn t as cute as he imagines she is And there s this young woman who loses her job and becomes depressed She really is unpleasant even her mother always said so And her younger accomplished sister as well Can t she just be like her successful sister Finally we are offered a glimpse into teenage angst in high school life Oh no not again Why do these American teenagers all seem to have miserable lives in high school And lots of bullies I ve always had a hard time to understand this teenage angst I loved to go to school I was bored during school holidays and I missed my friends from school Okay I didn t like everybody eually And not everybody liked me I guess But unfortunately you just can t nudge people into liking you That doesn t mean you have to feel unaccepted and socially irrelevant Just be yourself and it will all turn out fine Just never accept anyone bullying you or any other person Just don t Defend yourself and importantly defend others against bullies Don t be a bystander don t be afraid Just bite this bully s nose off figuratively speaking of course And go sit next to that invisible person and start a conversation Usually these seemingly isolated people turn out to be really great and fun and interesting persons They just seem to be waiting for a nice person to come along and find them Just don t expect anyone to be loyal to you People usually aren t very loyal loyalty is such a rare uality in people People always seem to be on the lookout for new connections they seem to be driven by this irresistible need to connect with new people and forget about others along the way That can be really hurtful But we just go on living our imperfect lives and hurt people and by doing so create our own loneliness Even if you present your loyalty on a silver platter people rarely accept it They don t want the love and attention that s attainable It seems that people prefer the unpredictability of imperfect relationships because it simply is exciting Oh good grief such a pathetic review

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