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  • Hardcover
  • 308
  • Rosemary's Baby
  • Ira Levin
  • English
  • 01 December 2020
  • 9780451194008

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REVIEW ✓ Rosemary's Baby Ware that the elderly neighbors and their bizarre group of friends have taken a disturbing in. She didn t know if she was going mad or going saneWell this classic horror novel certainly hit the spot this month You simply can t go wrong with pure and simple subtle fright for some pre Halloween entertainment This is a book very firmly set in the period of 1966 New York City yet it never feels outdated on the creepiness scale It has such a nightmarish uality that seeps into your psyche and makes you wonder on whom you can truly rely Are people something other than what they appear to be on the surface Even those we most depend on can they betray our trust in them I absolutely loved the setting for this one Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse are newly married Guy is trying to establish his acting career and the couple tosses around the idea of having their first baby But first Guy wants to settle into a new home and make a name for himself He is ambitious and sweet Rosemary is supportive When the opportunity arises to secure an apartment at the highly sought after Bramford the Woodhouses jump at the chance The Bramford old black and elephantine is a warren of high ceilinged apartments prized for their fireplaces and Victorian detail The perfect backdrop for what is to follow For the Bramford despite its illustrious address has a lurid history And we all know that history has a way of repeating itself I m not going to tell you much likely you are familiar with the story already The movie was such a huge hit and is still popular even today If you don t know it then suffice to say that this book should thoroughly scare the crap out of you For me personally this brand of horror is the ultimate Forget about Jason Freddy Krueger Michael Myers or even Chucky grab a copy of Rosemary s Baby instead and be prepared for some exuisite terror While the overall plot is not dated I should mention that occasionally the language itself is just that some racist vocabulary which I could do without This was sporadic and an unfortunate conseuence of the time in which this was written but worth mentioning for those that may be turned off Other than that I do like Ira Levin s straightforward prose and his clever writing in both this as well as Deathtrap Next Levin novel up perhaps The Stepford Wives

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REVIEW ✓ Rosemary's Baby Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse an ordinary young couple settle into a New York City apartment una. She opened her eyes and looked into yellow furnace eyes smelled sulphur and tannis root felt wet breath on her mouth heard lust grunts and the breathing of onlookers Nightmare Passionate dream Real How could it be real It can t possibly be real Rosemary Woodhouse wants a baby She is married to an actor named Guy They have recently broken another lease to take an apartment in the exclusive Bramford Building Guy who glibly uses his acting skills to spin stories has no difficulty extracting them from the first lease to take the open apartment in the Bramford After all that is what Rosemary wants Whenever any of us look back on our lives we can usually point to a specific moment in time when we made one decision that sent us down a pathway that led us hopefully only briefly astray from the pursuit of happiness None of us or maybe I should say few of us can see the future We have to make our best guess hopefully based on logic than a hope of luck The apartment at the Bramford had Gothic overtones detailed woodwork and certainly a interesting location than the other apartments the Woodhouses had looked at Although smaller than some of the other places having a hip apartment especially to young pseudo intellectuals is much important than a few extra suare feet of space They should have kept the first lease on the other apartment I can t help but think of Bram Stoker every time the Bramford name dances before my eyes on the pages of this book Strange things have routinely happened in this apartment building Unexplained sometimes brutal deaths have occurred too freuently to be ignored especially if you are an inuisitive man such as Rosemary s dear friend Edward Hutchins He on further investigation finds that there are far sinister stories surrounding the history of that building than are known by the general public He discourages Rosemary from continuing to live there but she is a rational modern woman who doesn t believe that a building can have sinister connotations Polanski used the Dakota for the outside shots of the Bramwell building She might ignore the past and the warnings that come with it but she does feel flutters of unease that are based on what can easily be uantified as primordial superstition than on any real basis of fact Coincidences do happen and can seem ominous or alarming to someone who is already hearing the tap tap tap of paranoia on the door of reason Their next door neighbors are Roman and Minnie Castevet who seem to be a well meaning overly friendly almost smothering older couple They are delighted to hear the news when Rosemary is pregnant They suggest a fashionable obstetrician and even a different regimen of vitamin enriched drinks than what her previous doctor had recommended Rosemary goes along because Guy is so insistent but the longer it goes on the suspicious she becomes of everyone s motives Run Rosemary runI ve been wanting to read this book for years I ve put off watching the famous movie by Roman Polanski because I wanted to read the book first The story has become such a classic icon that people know the bare bones of the story without ever having read the book or seen the movie The pacing of the book is simply a superb example of a writer who knows how to build tension and unease By the time Rosemary is approaching the bassinet to see her baby for the first time I was biting my knuckles and the hackles on the back of my neck were not only raised but vibrating I know what she is going to see but until I read the words I can hold off fully realizing the implications I loved the fact that Rosemary is a reader Two books that were mentioned that stand out were Flight of the Falcon by Daphne Du Maurier and The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon I love it when books are part of the lives of the characters I read about I m a huge fan of Du Maurier and plan to read Rosemary s choice soon I was even impressed by her taking on Gibbon I have six volumes of Gibbon staring me in the face every time I pick my next book to read Yes yes I will read Gibbon I must read Gibbon to call myself a reasonably educated man Rosemary s Baby was published in 1967 the year of my birth and has held up superbly certainly much better than I have It is a uick flashy read that will give chills and thrills to all but the most jaded modern reader If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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REVIEW ✓ Rosemary's Baby Terest in them But by the time Rosemary discovers the horrifying truth it may be far too late. You can find this review and at Novel Notions Thanks Mr Levin I hate itI had so many problems with this book Because I feel the need to vent about said problems there will be an abundance of spoilers in the review below I ll try to keep things as vague as possible but yeah Spoilers If you re unfamiliar with the story and have any desire to read it without prior knowledge please skip reading this reviewYou have been warned I feel like one of the very few people in my part of the world who has never watched the movie Rosemary s Baby or at least been exposed to the story Because I have in recent years developed a love for the horror genre I m trying to read some of the backlist of books that make up the genre s classics As this is a tiny little novel barely outside of the novella length I decided that it would be my next foray into said classics I m glad to be able to say that I ve read it and that s about all the good I have to say about this book I read it That s itRosemary and Guy Woodhouse are a recently married couple who find luck turning in their favor when an apartment becomes available at the prestigious Bramford The two move into their new home with glee and excitement exulting in the building s uirks and motley assortment of tenants Two of these neighbors Minnie and Roman Castevet take the couple in as if they were long lost grandchildren Rosemary begins experiencing some odd happenings as her husband s acting career takes off and she finds herself finally pregnant with the child she s been longing for But her memory of the child s conception is hazy at best and the few details she does recall sound like something from a fevered nightmare so she refuses to see them as real From there things spiral down for Rosemary She finds herself consumed by pain and paranoia and utterly isolated She believes there is a malevolent force in her life a conspiracy to steal her baby And she s not wrong This is because her child is not fully human You see Guy isn t the father Lucifer isOkay let me air my problems with this book First Rosemary is an incredibly weak and self absorbed protagonist and I didn t find her the least bit likable I felt sympathy for her of course she s facing a terrifying situation that I wouldn t wish on anyone But some of her choices infuriated me Yes she did start fighting back near the end of her pregnancy seeking to extract herself and her unborn child from their terrifying situation But before coming to that decision she accepted just about anything she was told or given even if she protested somewhere inside herself And when she would make a decision to see a different doctor or stop drinking Minnie s sketchy vitamin drink she was fairly easy to convince to change her mind and fall back into her previous patterns Also I couldn t stand Guy I m trying to think of a careless callous superficial character but I m coming up blank I wanted to reach into the pages and strangle him and give Rosemary a slap for not seeing through him sooner But what really blew my mind was Rosemary s decision at the end of the book I was totally baffled by her response which I won t get into just in case you decide you do want to read it for yourselfThere were a couple of redeeming ualities to this book which kept me from rating it with one star instead of two First Levin had to have a massive set of figurative balls to stick with this ending It was risky and has been controversial since the book was first published Rarely does an author show evil winning the day and that s what Levin does here Good doesn t suddenly appear out of nowhere to vanuish said evil It actually wins Second even though there were many elements of the book that felt cliche you have to remember that this novel was written before they were cliche and is than likely a large part of how these elements have become and remained so prevalent in pop culture I can see why other horror fans love this book I honestly can But it really rubbed me the wrong way especially theologically I believe that the devil is real and I know that the Church of Satan is an actual religion practiced by real people My problem here was with how easily Rosemary a lapsed Catholic shrugs off this evil while believing that she could fight it singlehandedly This argument sounded fragile and watery even in her own mind and I doubt that she truly believed it Rosemary s Baby is all kinds of messed up but it s compelling I ll give it that Read at your own risk though especially if you re a practicing monotheist Because Levin knows how to make believers in God feel super uncomfortable