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Download Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF » Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Summary â 8 ’s fun conversational and accessible tone you’ll feel as though you are chatting with friends over coffee These interactive study guides will help you discover and rediscover some of the greatest works of all time For information check out of the Internet PC MagazineShmoop impresses me because it is intentionally about learning and the joy of learning not just about passing courses and jumping through educational hoops Paul Hamilton teacher and education bloggerShmoop features deep analysis of topics in history and literature sprinkled with a heavy dose of wry humor – eSchoolNe Excellent It s an end in itself of course but I m also reading as a kind of preface to Caryl Phillips s Crossing the River Jesmyn Ward s Sing Unburied Sing and as an afterword to David M Oshinsky s Worse Than Slavery Parchman Farm and the Ordeal of Jim Crow Justice The writing is marvelous On to My Bondage and My Freedom

review Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass

Download Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF » Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Summary â 8 Ckpack down no need to waste paper no need to get sleepy in class Shmoop is here to make you a better lover of literature and to help you discover connections to other works of literature history current events and pop culture You’ll find thought provoking character analyses uotes summaries themes symbols trivia and lots of insightful commentary Key uotes from the original text are linked to deep analysis from Shmoop Academics from top universities including Stanford Berkeley Harvard and Columbia have written content designed to engage you and to get your brain bubbling With Shmoop This book is not an important historical document to be placed in a glass case and venerated during Black History Month It should be read by all regardless of race or creed as a warning against prejudice and oppressionDouglass description of the cruel conditions of slavery is mind searing His analysis of the system which fostered and condoned it shows amazing depth He shows that slavery made wretched the lives of the victims but that it also warped the perpetrators and created a regime in which people were afraid to object to injustice That a man could rise from such abject conditions get an education and not only share his knowledge with others but become a guiding star of the abolitionist movement is remarkable That he could be a good Christian and remain untainted by racial prejudice is a testament to his greatness of soul

Download Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF » Frederick Douglass

Download Õ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF » Frederick Douglass Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Summary â 8 You get the full original text of Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass interwoven with a smart plain spoken guide to the characters uotes themes symbols and from ShmoopDesigned exclusively for Kindle readers Shmoop Classics for Kindle offer the original text of some of the greatest works of literature with a built in interactive guide to help you dig deep into the characters symbols themes and big uestions of the play For the student and the life long learner alike take your classroom on the road and build your brain muscles daily No need to weigh your ba Once you learn to read you will forever be free This is powerful so so powerful This is a remarkable achievement considering it is written in such a straight forward manner by a man who taught himself to read There is no embellishment or dramatic imagery here it is simple straightforward harrowing fact It is such a strong narrative that I m extremely glad I read I recommend it to everyone Moreover to emphasise the sheer depravity and brutality these slaves were subjected to the forward of the book suggests that Douglas had it easy It was written by a close friend of his who argues that in comparison with other tales of slavery Douglas s subjugation was mild and not too bad This in itself speaks volumes because this narrative relays an awful series of events It does make you wonder what awfulness the others contained if this is considered a lesser form of evil treatment Douglass had an awful childhood I do not recollect of every seeing my mother by the light of day She was with me in the night She would lie down with me and get me to sleep but long before I waked she was gone From a very young age he had no sense of closeness with anyone He was separated from his mother at the incredibly young age of ten months When his mother later dies he simply doesn t care He s not formed a lasting bond with her so her demise is like the passing of a stranger she means nothing to him They didn t have enough time together for Douglass to have conceptualised who this person was to him Indeed he has very little conception of the world outside his slavery He doesn t fully conceive the harshness he is enduring until he is into his early teens To his mind one of the overseers is a good man because he takes no pleasure in the whippings he exacts In his later life he does fully realise how he s been controlled and forced to think certain things but at the time he just wasn t ware of the full extent of his situation He doesn t even know his own age The slavers loved to keep their chattel in ignorance so they d work harder and have fewer dreams of freedom If they don t have the knowledge then they cannot uestion their masters However Douglass became wise to his enforced ignorance he uickly learnt that his path to freedom resided in his education So after a few brief lessons with a kind and temporary mistress he set about learning how to read in any way he could he learnt from dockworkers and poor white children and began to see a route to liberty through his increasing knowledge of the world In this respect his friend was right about the mildness of Douglass s treatment At this point in his life he only witnessed barbarity rather than being subjugated to it In this he was lucky but that luck was to uickly run out As he grew older his learning opportunities dwindled as did his hope He was contracted out to a brute of an owner who was the very image of a sadist slaverHis new master was terrible and vicious He almost broke Douglass but his strength of will bounced back and managed to keep him on his feet He learnt to strike back with such vigour that his master who had a reputation for breaking unruly slaves actually began to fear Douglass He uickly got rid of him and fortune sent him into the hands of a former and gentler master Luck was in his favour again It seems rather ironic to speak of a slave as having such luck but when considering that very few successfully escaped their bonds it becomes clear that Douglass had a very fortunate opportunity in front of him In truth very few were allowed such liberty and in the process presented with a narrow window of escape which Douglass uickly leapt through It took him many years to achieve every slave s dream but he got there nonetheless This is such an interesting narrative it is frank clear and powerful There are no literary embellishments here Instead Douglass provides you with the harsh and straightforward truth of his life The uote I placed at the start of the review says it all for me it s also one of my favourite uotes altogether in literature after reading this it made really appreciate the importance of reading in this world