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  • Paperback
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  • A Ring of Endless Light
  • Madeleine LEngle
  • English
  • 20 December 2019
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Read ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub È Madeleine LEngle Madeleine LEngle È 9 Free download Free read A Ring of Endless Light S of his father causes him to turn to Vicky for comfort and romance And then there’s Adam Eddington Adam is only asking Vicky to help with his research on dolphins But Adam and the dolphins may just be what Vicky needs to get through this heartbreaking summe. Vicky Austin s summer is filled with joy and heartbreak Her family has come to the Island to stay with her grandfather who s dying of leukemia She has three boys vying for her affections each of whom has his own demons all of whom look to Vicky for a kind of salvation She s trying to find her place in the world at a time when the support of her family isn t what it used to be not because they ve changed but because she has And she is introduced to three dolphins with whom she has an unusual connection who may be the key to her understanding her life and her future Saying would just trivialize what I think is a moving excellent book that has aged very wellThere is something special about the books you read when you re young like music they shape the child you are into the adult you re going to be When I was in high school I read this book almost obsessively I loved the Austin family how smart they all were in their different ways and how they loved each other even Vicky and Suzy whom I despised probably because I too have a younger and prettier sister everyone always noticed and who was freuently believed to be older than I am despite being SIX YEARS YOUNGER I loved the dolphins even though I don t think it ever made me want to be a marine biologist Vicky after all is a poet and a dreamer and she s the ones the dolphins connect to and I was a reader and a writer and that s who I identified with I cried at the end every time over every death I felt it was a wise book one that had something real to say about life and humanity and religion even if it wasn t a religion I shared I enjoyed the rest of the Austin Family novels and how they intersected with the O Keefe books but this was my favorite I was a smart kid who loved books in a family of smart people who didn t really read and I wished my family were like the AustinsThen I got older and I found other books and though I still considered this a favorite I kept it in memory rather than reading it freuently It was a good memory well cherishedThen I read it again And the joy was goneI d never realized that the Austins are too perfect a family created to be an ideal you either aspire to or feel intimidated by Seriously who says Let s have family reading time in the evenings and picks Shakespeare for a seven year old boy They re all really intelligent and well read they re spiritually minded they re all good at what they do except for Vicky and it turns out she is good at what she does but her gifts are exceptional in a less flashy way They live in a super cool house that used to be a barn instead of somewhere mundane Their grandfather looks wise but it s a superficial wisdom there s a part where they mention how popular his sermons were when he preached in a giant congregation and I couldn t help thinking that it was probably because he handed out comforting platitudes that didn t challenge anyone s faith or security I also noticed that there s never a mention of what denomination he is which L engle possibly intended so as not to tilt the narrative toward one faith and put off some readers but struck me instead as hedging her bets And he s selfless and stuff like that which struck me as one idealization It didn t help that my Presbyterian minister grandfather really was what this character aspired to be while still remaining incredibly human I was embarrassed that I d ever wished my family were like them or accurately that I d ever resented my family for not being like themAnd yet there are still things about this book that ring true to me Vicky s insecurities and confusion seem very real She struggles with understanding the impending death of her grandfather bears the burden of three young men all demanding support from her and is a little lost in her family of scientific geniuses I m not a poet so I have no idea how mature or immature her poetry is but it seems a natural way for someone to express those struggles of adolescence And my concerns about idealization aside Vicky also relates naturally to her siblings if there s a little less conflict than I d expect coming from a very large family Even now I can see how that struck me as real as a teenSide comment What parents let their fifteen year old daughter date a twenty year old man I never realized it since Zachary behaves like a kid but he s twenty and while a five year age difference is nothing when it s twenty five and thirty there is a world of difference between a high schooler and someone who s past that stage and moving into full adulthood Ditto Adam who s nineteen I loved him though he s got problems of his own but he s got adult responsibilities and Vicky really doesn t and shouldn t Though I give Adam credit for at least realizing there s a gap between them even if he fumbles around not knowing what to do about it Maybe I needed to be a parent to really understand this aspect of the bookI dislike talking about changing opinions of books in terms like outgrown or moved beyond It implies that the changes in our characters that happen over time are invariably positive as if wisdom is something conferred on us solely by the passing of years What I ve learned in re reading this book some thirty years after my teenage experience with it is that my younger self found meaning in it that related to what I was living at the time Vicky s grandfather s wisdom may be only platitudes but I turned them into something meaningful that I think made me a better person The science in the book may be inaccurate shaped by L engle to fit the mystical fantasy of her other books but it got me interested in reading actual science And those things turned me into the person who can look at the book from this much later perspective and think not in terms of its flaws but of who I am that I now see the book in a different lightSo having said all this how can I still say A Ring of Endless Light is a moving excellent book Because beneath everything whether I accept my younger self s experience or my older self s new reading I sense Madeleine L engle s beliefs about life and how we live it If she idealizes the Austins it s out of love or a wish that this is the way the world ought to be and there s nothing wrong with her wishing that even if I don t share her feelings and have reservations about whether writers should approach fiction in this way and further reservations about whether I should make that demand of them I m probably not coming back to this book again But I don t regret having read it

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Read ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub È Madeleine LEngle Madeleine LEngle È 9 Free download Free read A Ring of Endless Light After a tumultuous year in New York City the Austins are spending the summer on the small island where their grandfather lives He’s very sick and watching his condition deteriorate as the summer passes is almost than Vicky can bear To complicate matters she. I first read this book as an early teen I can see now reading it as an adult that having read this book along with all Madeleine L Engle s other books at twelve and thirteen clearly had a profound impact on my world view L Engle s writing has a depth and profundity that draws on emotions of which most writers only attempt to scratch the surfaceI think all developing adolescents should read this book and all its accompanying ones if only to see that there is out there than either complete surrender to the inanity of life or conversely that fantasy does not necessarily mean being out of touch with realityI am happy that I left this book on a shelf long enough that coming back to it all these years later meant it was fresh and new while being comfortingly familiar

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Read ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub È Madeleine LEngle Madeleine LEngle È 9 Free download Free read A Ring of Endless Light Finds herself as the center of attention for three very different boys Zachary Grey the troubled and reckless boy Vicky met last summer wants her all to himself as he grieves the loss of his mother Leo Rodney has been just a friend for years but the tragic los. Upon re read still one of the best books evermini review as a follow up to the read alongA Ring of Endless Light is one of my all time favorite books I first read it many years ago and when I got the opportunity to re read it I was terrified I worried that even though I had loved this book so many years ago I wouldn t feel the same way years later I was wrong I feel like I need to bang my head on a wall for ever underestimating this book but there it is This is one of the best books I ve ever read and upon re reading I can reaffirm that convictionI want to keep this short because I have already fangirled enough to last a while but let me just say that this is such an important coming to age novel Given that it s set in the 80s some parts of it may strike some readers as odd but for me it is still relatable for the modern day readerIt deals with common issues teenagers have to deal with growing up but it also deals with bigger issues of life and deathVicky is a young girl who during the particular summer this book is set in is surrounded by death What she needs is to find hope amidst all the death and learn to let go and look at the brighter things in life She needs to rise from her despair and grow as a person but also cross that awkward bridge between teen and adult It s so great to experience the journey with her because it is so realistic and so relevant but also Vicky is also just a great female lead I love that she isn t perfect and sometimes hides from the truth but she is also just fantasticThis book also comes with an entourage of great family members and great secondary characters INCLUDING DOLPHINSThis is a powerful book and one I will continue to recommend 20 30 years from now because it will still be relevant and will still be important I just want to shower the book with all the love because it s so special to me Definitely a book I d recommend for ALL readers So you know check it out