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characters The Feral The last Line Book One ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Natural and nobody expected monsters to turn up in broad daylightLETHAL MAGIC is the first book in the series a fantasy set in the contemporary world of terrorism espionage and modern warfare where myth magic and monsters are horrifyingly real He took a few beatings for it his drunken father calling him a wastrel but Isaac knew life was about beatings and tempering like hardening steelIsaac did not understand how in modern time people managed to put an invisible barrier between themselves and horror using nothing but a smartphone but it seemed to work in countless tragedies of recent timesAs long as you re watching it on a screen it isn t realAs they desperately mumbled some final pleading prayer to the lord of whatever gospels they followed Usher usually gave them his own good news with both barrelsAfter so many years of deniable missions compromised morality and putrid violence Usher s conscience was a battered and starved legionnaire broken down and rebuilt from scratch who did not usually speak until spoken toIt severed two of them in half with one swipe spattering the gleaming walls in dark gore and spilling metres of intestines onto the floor like discarded rubber tubingThis is super hard for me to write There were parts of this book I really liked and there were parts I didn t It was such a swing from one side to another that I ended up just bumping up my rating It could ve gone either way honestlyBoiled down storyline is about some bad guys from another realm trying to infiltrate our world The good guys try to stop itI thought is was refreshing to get an urbanparanormal fantasy where the character is not some lone wolf or detective or go it alone cop It s a branch of the military specifically there for the supernatural and we follow a team as they go about trying to uncover what the bad guys are up to Some of the creatures in here were great And some of the action scenes simply amazing I love gore and this book delivered some tastefully drawn death scenes and fights It felt realistic which I loved The first two action scenes were a nail biting good time Actually I adored the first uarter of this book I was getting some good character building and action in at once It was great Then I can t peg what exactly lost me I will say there were thoughts that seemed redundant I felt we were getting to really know two characters and then all that development waned The team we were following didn t get fleshed out enough for me in the beginning There were some parts toward the end that really gave some insight but receiving it so late did little to regain my love There was some head hopping Nothing too jarring but when most of the chapter is with one person and a few paragraphs skip it always pulls me right out of the story I wish we would have been with the character during a couple scenes forgoing that omniscient PoV There was a wide range of characters in this book As I said in the beginning I was really getting into Isaac s character but then I lost him Usher had promise but I never connected with him And the others took too long to draw me in I will say Ariel was a great character The instant we were in his PoV I got him He felt the most developed to me a scared scientist thrown into an undercover situation He had all the right emotions and they were explored perfectlyI must say that what I enjoyed the most were the bad guys They were hard to beat which made the action scenes awesome The goodbad guy in this was incredibly funThere were a few proofreading errors and some odd comma usage The typos are not abundant so they never bothered me However the odd comma usage took me a while to adjust For example there were no comma s around names so it threw me occasionallyAs far as pacing goes I d say the entire book read long There was action but some scenes felt drawn out and really slowed down the story I admit I did a bit of skimming here and there in order to get to the good parts When it moved it moved But a lot felt slow Especially in the middle I always feel that way though if I haven t latched on to a character It makes a book hard to pick upOverall I love the military angle and the bad guys and the gory action scenes However I wish I was entrenched with the characters With such a mixed outlook I m walking away indecisive You can see this and other reviews on my website

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characters The Feral The last Line Book One ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB The dark Meet the rag tag soldiers of Empire One struggling to fight a secret war for what it means to be human Their aims are simple Get in get the job done get home alive Don’t get eatenEasier said than doneThe War on Terror just got super Review Originally Posted At FictionForesightIn accordance with current FTC Guidelines please let it be known this book was received in exchange for a fair and honest reviewThe Feral is an accounting of an elite and clandestine unit of the UK s Special Forces called Empire One Like the rest of UKSF Major Thom Usher and his team deal in reconnaissance counter terrorism hostage situations etc What sets them apart is their specific enemy as covert as Special Task Group STG Empire One themselves an organization with footholds in anti government operations around the globe The Unseelie Court Fairies I hear you say The most dangerous military regiment in the UK fights fairies In short yes But in long not at all This is not a fairy tale it is a horror story These Fae are twisted nefarious and beastly They have spent centuries coming through thin spots between our realm and theirs snarling their malevolent fingers into the threads of human history trying to grab hold And they are finally succeeding Only Usher s ragged battle hardened group of soldiers will be able to stop themWe follow Empire One and their associates through heart pounding battles underworld ring fights espionage and hair raising encounters with the Other Side s worst denizens Jenkins demonstrates a firm grip on the craft of storytelling as the pace of the book rarely slows There is very little time for character back story yet he sneaks enough in for us to grow attached to our STG protagonists Each character is their own fleshy person with motivations and characteristics that aren t taken from a list of tropes It is for this reason that when our heroes get into trouble their adrenaline courses through our veins We feel their horror as they watch lackeys get torn limb from limb and can nearly smell the viscera Conseuences have clout and when a protagonist gets backed into a corner we genuinely fear for them The villains are a little bit predictable surly Russian mob boss immortal ghoul mastermind but they are compelling They are few enough and motivated enough to stand out in the imagination Not a single character is forgettableWhat s most impressive is the delicate line the author treads between reality as we know it and the dark shadows filled with Unseelie creatures Empire One inhabits a world of combat tactics and ballistics science their defenses against their magical enemies are wholly real to us Their London their desert and Arctic their Earth are the same as ours When creatures from another realm are thrust into the story it would be so easy to create a disconnect to stop believing But every time something impossible happens a djinn surrounds a fighter in fiery sand or ghoul unhinges his jaw or we come across a portal to a fairy town we are given in the same breath something visceral and real to bring us back Muzzle flash The texture of bones grinding together The sound of glass shattering Something in the structure of the narrative combines the two worlds allowing us to suspend disbelief almost effortlesslyThe largest detractor from the story seems to be a lack of uality editing There are numerous typos in the text and having to reread a sentence to understand its meaning kills the immersion instantly There are places where the story seems to really drag typically during a meeting exchange of information or for an internal monologue Many of these passages had redundant inefficient language that a good editor would have cut without hesitation I suspect the book might have been several pages shorter had the author had the luxury of having an editor Unfortunately such is the face of the independent publishing business and all things considered the reader does not suffer unduly for these shortcomingsOne other thing I must mention is that this book doesn t pull punches and won t appeal to everyone If military subjects do not appeal to you maybe look for a uick read somewhere else If you can t handle excessive gore don t even bother Jenkins seems to have no pretensions about trying to deliver a philosophical or diverse worldview The Feral is what it is an adrenaline filled messy gritty twist on the old tales of the Nether Realm It is inventive well crafted and engrossing It s a shame there isn t a physical copy because this is a book I would lend out to friends they d just have to be a specific kind of friendwwwFictionForesightcom

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characters The Feral The last Line Book One ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB It's brains and bullets against magic and monsters in this action packed military fantasy Special Forces with state of the art hardware and tech battling against a supernatural invasion They are our last line of defense against the horrors in ActionLots of action and good dark fantasy to keep you reading and wondering what next if you like action and fantasy this will get your attention and drag you into the world of this author