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characters ¼ Naughty Vegas Nights Gerie Designer come true But then she runs into Drew and suddenly her dreams take an X rated turn Drew used to be the ultimate bad boy a wild and reckless pool shark So what happened to him Family responsibilities that’s what Heck even in Sin City he’s stuck at a lingerie convention helping out his kid sister But when he sets eyes on Tasha he see Wanting something lighthearted and fun to read plus with naughty heat thrown in there that sizzles Then this is the one to read Who would of thought a lingerie convention in Las Vegas could

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characters ¼ Naughty Vegas Nights What happens in Vegasdoesn’t always stay there Natasha Stover’s love life is jinxed Ever since a college affair with bad boy Drew Walker every sexual adventure she’s had has crashed and burned one particular episode involved the fire department But now she’s at a convention in Vegas with a chance to make her dream of becoming a celebrated Lin I am writing this review for this book I received through arcNatasha and Lanie were working at the convention selling Aunt Sharon s Lingerie Nastasha designed the fashions for her aunt s bout

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characters ¼ Naughty Vegas Nights S his chance to recapture the best part of his misspent youth Leaving Natasha was his one regret But it won’t be for long A good girl gone wild a bad boy tempting her every step of the way It’s the ultimate naked and naughty weekend where nothing is off limits Vegas will never be the same againPreviously included in the Lucky 7 Bad Boys boxed set First off I want to thank Tawny Weber for getting me an ARC copy so I can write this review If you ve been following the blog for a while and have read our about us section you know that I LO

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