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Free download Ú Matched AUTHOR Ally Condie 107 Ally Condie Ð 7 Free read characters Matched AUTHOR Ally Condie Matched is the first book in an utterly compelling series by Ally CondieOn her seventeenth birthday Cassia meets her Match Society dictates he is her perfect partner for. Very poorly writtenI liked the story and half fell for the characters but it was very jumpy Within same chapter they could be at home then hiking then back at home Style of writing is very wordy and boring I had to force myself to keep reading just because I wanted to know what happened I will not be reading the 2nd or 3rd book

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Free download Ú Matched AUTHOR Ally Condie 107 Ally Condie Ð 7 Free read characters Matched AUTHOR Ally Condie LifeExcept hes notIn Cassias society Officials decide who people loveHow many children they haveWhere they workWhen they dieBut as Cassia finds herself falling in love w. Every one of my friends who read Matched before me gave it different rating so much so that I had no idea if I would like the book or not I m glad it turned out that way because if I had high expectations this book would have bombed big time Going in tentative this novel ended up being a solid okay read Which is promising for the series if the writing and stakes are increased with each volume Matched is understated and slow paced I mean that in a positive light It reflects the attitudes and landscape around our protagonist carefully filtered to keep things in an artificial balance It s unrealistic and unsustainable and we start to see cracks before the end of the novelBut the main part of this story revolves around Cassia awakening to the thought that she wants choice Choice of who she is matched to choice of her vocation and that line of thinking is dangerous to their societyHer biggest dilemma is mixed feelings between two guys Xander And Ky I m loath to call it a love triangle because it isn t even though it falls into that category It just narrowly escaped one of my all time despised YA tropes Ky surprised me I had him pegged as the bad guy the rebel but he is nothing like that Just as Xander is not so much the golden boy he is made out to beThe characters are rich and we take time to get to know them through Cassia s perspective It feels very organic as each of the cast grows and developsI found myself wanting fast paced action and for Cassia to stand up and challenge the system but it s an easy mistake to make that would not have worked for this novel or for Cassia She hasn t found her feet yet But it left me excited for where the next two books in this trilogyAlly Condie s writing style is effortless She paints colourful backdrops with a breezy prose with you can get through uickly which helps because of the slow pacingI was a little disappointed in the world building There wasn t enough information for me to get interested in Cassia s plight It was the relationship that drew me in I m hoping we get the origins mythology and reasons behind this dystopian world better explored in Crossed before I get too frustrated in the seriesI can t say that the book was predictable because there wasn t enough resolution for me to sink my teeth into I still have sooo many unanswered uestions And the last few chapters dropped so many teasers I m kind of thinking this isn t a book I recommend unless your committed to the entire trilogy

review ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ð Ally Condie

Free download Ú Matched AUTHOR Ally Condie 107 Ally Condie Ð 7 Free read characters Matched AUTHOR Ally Condie Ith another boy she is determined to make some choices of her ownAnd thats when her whole world begins to unravelDont miss this gripping page turner SheA must read The Su. The premise of this book is massively intriguing I bought it on a whim because although I m not usually into romances I thought this would include a lot of the dystopian themes And for the first hundred pages I adored this book It s well written and the conflict is interesting The author clearly loves poetry and sometimes the narrative sounds like a poem too The characters are interesting and relatable and I wanted to know how it endedBut then I read the next two hundred pages put the book down and felt kind of dissappointed The story is extremely slow Not much happens for the majority of the book Every time you think they re about to get caught out or punished or that something s going to happen to spur the action on the narrative pulls back at the last second and offers of the same The action only really kicks in during the last thirty or so pagesOf course if you re into the teenage love story then you ll probably love this But I was hoping for an edgy futuristic dystopian novelOverall I d say I did enjoy this book if nothing else because it s very well written I wish it had a little action and was faster paced but that s personal preference Give it a whirl and see for yourself

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