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Los años con Laura Díaz

download Los años con Laura Díaz Carlos Fuentes ☆ 3 review summary à eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Carlos Fuentes Laura Diaz is a passionate character intimately connected to many historical event. I loved this book It is a big sweeping saga about a woman s life and reflecting upon the last century of Mexico True to Fuentes style it can be grandiose and very political and yet very intimate There were few dull parts considering its 600 pages It is the story of a woman s seventy some years so one needs time to tell the storyHer begins when she discovers a magical person in the forest glittering with jewels but she is corrected She came across a spiny ceiba tree with the sun glittering on those spines Things are not what they seem becomes a motif throughout the book Laura s life grows from her German Mexican family roots to her fame as a photographer of Mexico City So many changes take place in her seventy years especially the men in her life from her husband lovers children and grandchildren At the same time its a reflection of Mexican history as well Bear with it There are so many surprizes and I found the last chapters powerful and full of reflections on life and growing old At times it felt almost like Garcia Maruez in tone but never crosses into magical realismThen when its all over Fuentes adds his recognitions and explains how so much of the book is based on his own family I was floored Talk about life inspiring art Well done se or FuentesRead in Spanish

summary à eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Carlos Fuentes

download Los años con Laura Díaz Carlos Fuentes ☆ 3 review summary à eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Carlos Fuentes S Through her story Fuentes writes the journal of the Mexican twentieth century su. Only the fact that he s supposed to be a great Latin author makes me not give it a one star Too long and obscure kind of like One Thousand Years of Solitude another supposedly great novel that I found almost unreadable This one I slogged through for book club and got about half way through with no reward for doing so

Carlos Fuentes ☆ 3 review

download Los años con Laura Díaz Carlos Fuentes ☆ 3 review summary à eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Carlos Fuentes Pporting his novel with facts and characters that define the shape of today's Mexi. In some ways this was sort of a slow book I kept waiting for something to happenOf course a lot did happen The book was the story of Laura Diaz a Mexican woman of partly German ancestry but it is also in many respects a history of Mexico in the late 19th and early 20th centuriesIn her early teens Laura met her half brother Santiago who later died in the Mexican Revolution They had been great friends and Laura vowed to dedicate her life to himOver the years she had several love affairs with different men all of whom were revolutionaries of one kind or another She seems to have been drawn to the first two because of their relationship or supposed relationship to Santiago She marries the second of these men and moves to Mexico City with him after the revolution is successful After the last of her lovers dies about 90% of the way through the book Laura finally goes out on her own and discovers her own talent She takes a camera and visits all the poverty stricken parts of town that she had avoided before documenting the suffering she finds there but also the hope and strength And she becomes uite successful in her own right There is a lot of discussion of politics and philosophy and many tales of the other people in her lovers lives as well as a few other adventuresI found this book on Scribd

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