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Read & Download An Image of You Liz Fielding Ð 0 Read An Image of You Free read æ 100 Working with Lukas on an African photoshoot very awkward Especially when she realizes he's nothing like the man she imagined in fact he's totally irresistible And that's before he kisses h. It was Liz Fielding s birthday the other day and I decided to read one of her books I ve had on my TBR list for a long timeAn Image of You was Fielding s debut novel for Harleuin Mills Boon published in 1992 I didn t read much romance in that decade and somehow I missed this author until recent yearsGeorgette is a typical heroine of the time She is twenty two and the hero Lukas is in his early thirties George as she is known is a good cause tragic The daughter of a wealthy man she fritters her time and money away chasing projects and demonstrating on behalf of whatever cause has captured her attention at the time When she ends up on the front page of a newspaper again when a demonstration turned violent and spends the night in jail Pa decides enough is enoughLukas who has no other name is a noted photographer who does the annual calendar shoot for the motor parts business owned by Georgette s father as a special favour It s a glamour shoot with attractive models posing in inaccessible places with arty motor parts as decor This year it s in Africa not far from Nairobi and George is shipped there before she can say sexploitationLukas does NOT want a female assistant Even so as his assistant shares his tent on location George has good reason to see out the photo shoot a promise from her father to help one of her favourite causes So no matter how difficult it gets she is staying and Lukas is determined she should pull her weight and if she doesn t he has an excuse to send her packingThe scene is set for a battle and we have one set in the fascinating backdrop of Africa I liked that we got only a snapshot of the scenery without long touristy spiels The setting was very natural haha and worked really well in the context of the storyThe romance between Georgette and Lukas was lovely and the story was very much a coming of age story for George as she matures and finds out what she really wants in life This was a common theme in earlier HMB romances with the younger heroines and I miss that aspect with the mature heroines of the present day Overall a really enjoyable read

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Read & Download An Image of You Liz Fielding Ð 0 Read An Image of You Free read æ 100 The rebel and the artist When Georgette Bainbridge first meets world famous photographer Lukas Karel it's not sparks that fly but bags of flour Feisty Georgette is staging a protest at the. I really enjoyed this story it is Liz Fielding s first book for Harleuin Mills Boon released in 1992 and wow have heroes and heroines changed a lot over the years it is beautifully written I loved the setting in Africa and MS Fielding pulled me in from the first page with the strong characters and the push and pull between the hero and heroine Georgette Bainbridge comes from a wealthy family and is 22 but is a bit of a rebel in her out spoken ways and her wish to stand up for the under dog and protest when needed and this gets her in a few sticky situations here and there like throwing a bag of flour over a photographer and although she escapes unscathed that time it stay firmly entrenched in her mind so when she lands up in the newspaper again her father cuts her off and sends her to Africa on a photo shoot needless to say who with this could be a bit of a worry if he remembers herLukas yes only Lukas is a photographer in his early 30 s and a very good one but he sticks to himself and does a calendar for George s father once a year at various locations this time in Africa but when his assistant is injured he is sent another one none other than George and is stunned when George turns out to be female and he has the distinct feeling that he has met her before Lukas is known to be stubborn and pig headed at times and boy does he give George a hard time but in saying that he does it because of the attraction her feels I think and she can give just as good back at timesThere were times I could have yelled at both Lukas and George but then I remembered that this book had been released a long time a go and this type of hero and heroine and age difference were very common back then All in all though I thoroughly enjoyed this one from start to finish Liz Fielding is a natural story teller who keeps the reader turning the pages and feeling attuned to all of the characters and their emotions in the story this one will have you smiling as you journey with George and Lukas to a wonderful HEA and as I said I loved the setting and the story fabulous

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Read & Download An Image of You Liz Fielding Ð 0 Read An Image of You Free read æ 100 Beauty pageant Lukas is judging he might be gorgeous but if he's a chauvinist then getting covered in flour is the least that he deserves Georgette might be proud of her aim but it makes. An opposites attract of a chauvinistic photographer for those sort of calendars and a heroine forced to work with him Add in camping in the outback and you ve got it all there for a splendid category romance Up to Liz s usual standard

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