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  • 7 dae AUTHOR Deon Meyer
  • Deon Meyer
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  • 21 June 2020
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Deon Meyer ½ 4 review

Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ Deon Meyer Deon Meyer ½ 4 review characters 7 dae AUTHOR Deon Meyer En motief nie geen leidrade nie net 'n reeks naakfoto's 'n hoogs ingewikkelde saketransaksie en onmenslike druk van topbestuur die media en die meedoenlose onpeilbare sluipskutter En deur dit alles moet Griessel sy nuwe vriendin die sangeres Alexa Ba. I bought this book during a mammoth sale this spring Like most of the books bought then it was collecting dust on my shelf for a considerable amount of time Unlike the others I actually picked it up the same year I bought it Now that I have read it I wonder what took me so long Even before the sale I had staked out Deon Meyer as an author I would eventually read As soon as I started reading I knew I had hit the jackpot This is definitely one of the ten best books I have read this yearSomeone is shooting police men to get attention to the murder of Hanneke Sloet He claims that the police knows who the murderer is and is trying to cover it up Detective inspector Benny Griessel is in for a lot of pressure trying to find out who killed the succesful young lawyer before any of his colleagues get hurt Benny has his own troubles He is a recovering alcoholic and falling in love with a woman who has the same problem Alexa I liket this personal story very much as well as Benny s relationship with his grown children The second half of the book leaves these interesting side plots mostly by the wayside At that point the chase is what fascinates most anywayI had absolutely no idea about whodunnit not even the tiniest little bit of suspicion until the big reveal Brilliantly plotted intelligently and heart warmingly told I can absolutely recommend this for any lover of crime novels

characters 7 dae AUTHOR Deon Meyer7 dae AUTHOR Deon Meyer

Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ Deon Meyer Deon Meyer ½ 4 review characters 7 dae AUTHOR Deon Meyer Rnard weghou van die bottel voor haar groot terugkeer konsert sy seun keer om nie skandes te maak nie sy kollegas weerhou daarvan om die ondersoek te kelder en sy eie verterende lus vir die helende kragte van drank in toom probeer hou Sewe dae van he. Deon Meyer writes books that so beautifully reflect the political and social climate of South Africa But he does so in books that are so ENJOYABLE to read No racial angst no social apologism just really good detective novelsIn 7 Days we meet up with flawed police detective Benny Griessel again not to mention the fiery irritable Captain Mbali Kaleni Over a period of seven days Griessel will race the clock to solve the homicide of a beautiful young lawyer while Kaleni will bicker and battle her way to finding an anonymous sniper who has shot a policemanReading late into the night I was struck by Meyer s deft characterisation one really likes his characters without falling into that saccharine comfort zone where one enjoys characters just because they are familiar Rather in 7 Days one likes Meyer s complex characters because of their flaws flaws which ensure one never gets too comfortable with themAs a South African reader I particularly enjoy reading books based in a setting that I know and in an environment that I am familiar with There are many SA authors that could provide this for me of course but Meyer is my go to guy because there is none of the pseudo philosophical meanderings that are a feature of so many SA authorsHaving said this if you are not South African 7 Days is a pretty good way to find out a bit about the country And you ll enjoy the trip Meyer makes sure of that

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Download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ½ Deon Meyer Deon Meyer ½ 4 review characters 7 dae AUTHOR Deon Meyer Ek sal elke dag 'n poliesman skiet tot julle die moordenaar van Hanneke Sloet aankla So lui die dreigbrief aan die SAPS En dan begin die jagtog Bennie Griessel is die een wat die dossier moet heropen Die saak is 40 dae oud die spoor is koud Daar's ge. I listened to the audiobook is wonderfully narrated by Simon VanceWhenever I feel like I need a faster paced police procedural with well fleshed out characters and a wonderful sense of place I turn to the Benny Griessel books by Deon Meyer In this third installment a sniper is taking shots at the South Africa police and threatens that the shootings will continue daily until the corrupt SA cops solve a cold case Grissel is brought in to head up the investigation team and the chase is on There are multiple interesting story lines I continued to enjoy the bad choices that test Benny s sobriety and the politics of the new South Africa but this one lacked something for me The plot felt untidy with lots of loose ends that frustrated both Benny and me and the pacing seemed off There wasn t much character development in this one either and that s very unlike Meyer s story telling style So while I enjoyed it I think this book the weakest of the series so far