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Stash Author David Matthew Klein

Stash Author David Matthew Klein Download ´ 2 David Matthew Klein ↠ 2 Summary Oral and legal dilemma of his own when the big pharmaceutical company he works for markets an anti anxiety drug for off label use as a weight loss aid only to discover that it can have deadly conseuences And Gwen’s former lover Jude a local restaurateur and the supplier of the stash of the title has gotten in way over his head with his little side businessTold from multiple perspectives and revolving around a diverse set of vividly imagined characters this rich ambitious and deeply satisfying novel takes a mordant look at our society’s ambivalent and often hypocritical attitude toward all manner of mood altering substances legal and illegal Paced by psychological suspense and an ever thickening plot Stash ultimately is about the moral complications that arise when a modern woman’s fierce determination to do the right thing collides head on with human fallibility and desire. Gwen Raines is a thirty something housewife with a loving husband and two small children One sunny afternoon Gwen makes a pit stop while running errands to pick up a small bag of marijuana for an upcoming trip On her way home Gwen is involved in a serious accident that leaves an elderly gentleman dead and she is uestioned by the police When they decide to perform a drug test on Gwen her perfectly ordered life beings to take a hideous turn Meanwhile Gwen s husband Brian who works in the marketing department of a pharmaceutical company is having a moral and ethical uandary of his own It seems that one of his company s new drugs is being marketed as an off label weight loss aid and recent studies have come to light that pose problems for Brian and his company On the other side of town Jude Gates the old friend whom Gwen scored the bag of marijuana from is dancing towards the edge Jude a restaurant owner and father of a teenage daughter is getting himself deeper and deeper into a world of drug trafficking that puts both his safety and future at critical risk and his time is running out Taut with emotional highs and psychological suspense Stash tells the story of a group of people trapped in the gray areas between right and wrong and the decisions that they must make when they are backed against the wallI have to say that I loved this book I was surprised at how gripping it was and how involved I became in the handful of moral conundrums it presented to me The book started off rather sedately but uickly amped up and was rollicking along at a good clip by the end of the first section There was a lot going on with multiple levels of intrigue and suspense scattered throughout the careful and tenebrous plotThe position Gwen got herself into at the beginning of the book is one I think many people will relate to and understand Gwen is not a bad person or a criminal yet she takes an unnecessary risk and all hell breaks loose on her Gwen was easy to sympathize with A stay at home mother and member of the PTA she didn t expressly invite danger into her life she only wanted to let her hair down and be able to smoke a bit while she was away on vacation What happened to Gwen was terrifying because it could happen to anyone Though her misdeed was slight the repercussions were life changing and severe Gwen s happy and ordered existence was left hanging by a thread and she seemed to make a lot of unwise decisions once this happenedThe plight of Brian s ethical conflict was restrained and I felt a little less successful Brian had a responsibility to the community in the marketing of his new drug that he swept under the table and shrugged off posing problems for not only his career but for the unwitting people who began taking his medicine for an off label use I liked Brian and found him resourceful and committed to both his work and his family but I didn t understand his decision to hide the things that he did regarding the drug and its uses Once the seriousness of the problem came to light Brian redirected himself into doing the right thing and I was glad for him Brian and Gwen were both dealing with the same type of problem only in very different arenas and through all of it they remained a unit focused on the outcome sometimes sacrificing their own morals in order to get to that particular outcomeThrough the book s focus on Jude things began to take a darker turn He seemed like a moral and upstanding guy but as I read about him I became aware that Jude was a very shady character He had various sides to his personality and was a good father but he erased a lot of that goodness through manipulation and throwing his weight in undesirable directions The thing is I liked Jude I liked his charm and his edginess and I wanted so much for him to do the right thing and make a clean break from this kind of life I think Jude wanted that too but was swept away by greed and the kinds of relationships that it can be sticky to get out of Jude had a good heart but his perception of right and wrong was very skewed and this kept me in turmoil while reading about him He was obviously a man with demons but there existed in Jude a lot of benevolence and altruism His was a case of a good man doing very bad things for a convincing reason but that reason just wasn t convincing enough for me so I was constantly at war with myself about my reactions to himThis book presents a lot of tough uestions for the reader to puzzle out for themselves What happens when a good person does something illegal What happens when this same action is done by someone with sinister leanings Is there really any distinction between the two This book made me look at some familiar situations in a new way and made me wonder just what my friends and neighbors could be hiding behind closed doors It made me wonder about the stringency of the law and the unintended repercussions that could take place when people try to creep over the edge of it Mostly it made me think about the unpredictability of life and the way that one action can change everything and leave you an outcast in the community that once respected and valued youThough I didn t expect it this book really crept up on me and kept me avidly turning the pages until its explosive conclusion It s really a much deeper story than I had first believed and has given me a lot of food for thought It also started a lot of conversations in my house about the ideas that it so elouently expresses I think this book is a must for those who love psychological suspense novels as well as those who like uiet thrillers and I am so glad to have gotten the chance to devour it A complex and thought provoking read Recommended

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Stash Author David Matthew Klein Download ´ 2 David Matthew Klein ↠ 2 Summary From Debut Novelist David Klein – A Page Turning Story of Suburbia and Its SecretsGwen Raine is a woman readers will instantly recognize an attractive thirtyish stay at home mom who lives in the kind of tranuil suburban community where the wives spend their days ferrying the kids to and from school and music lessons and nature camps and where the husbands work long grueling hours at stressful white collar jobs in order to maintain the upscale standard of living to which the whole family has become all too accustomed It’s a milieu in which everything seems to be right yet so much can go wrongAnd it does starting with a seemingly minor decision that turns Gwen’s perfect life upside down It’s a typical Friday morning in late summer and Gwen is anticipating a long awaited weekend away at the lake with her overworked husband Brian and their two small children After dropping h. Debut novelist Klein has written a smart and nervy domestic dramathriller The pages fly and the prose is crisp and economical He tackles difficult dicey and controversial subject matter without handing out platitudes or falling into blunt party line agendas I am tempted to call it a non puff beach read It is lively energetic and easily accessible but it is also thought provoking and ultimately boldLoving mother and housewife Gwen Raine bought some pot from ex boyfriend Jude for recreational use On the way home driving down some precarious mountain roads she was involved in a car accident She was hit by an elderly driver suffering from dementia and both end up in the ER Although Gwen was not at fault the police found the bag in her car and the THC in her system and now the DA is poised to strong arm or throw the book at her due to escalating drug sales in the communityConcurrently husband Brian is having some problems at his high paying job at Caladon Pharmaceuticals They have been walking a fine line with marketing an anti anxiety medication as an off label weight loss drug Some speculative and hazardous risks were taken by the company s executives which threaten to topple over onto Brian The Raines have separate stressors and two small children together The marriage is now loaded with accumulating anxieties and legal problems How or if they pull through keeps the reader on edgeTold from multiple narrative perspectives in alternating chapters the story focuses primarily on Gwen and Brian Raine the enigmatic and laconic Jude and Jude s daughter Dana Gwen and Brian s depiction as a suburban married couple devoted to their children do fall into a uasi stock profile The form of their characters is familiar However Klein keeps the story taut and the reader tense by compounding the problems resulting from a ripple effect that connects the characters to each other He convincingly pushes the envelope with Gwen She is faced with difficult ethical and moral choices and her responses aren t canned or predictableJude is morally ambiguous and I applaud the author for an honest and organic rendering of this character never falling into an easy trap of stereotype Moreover Klein doesn t demonize all recreational pot smokers into categorical addicts or amoralimmoral deviants He aptly illustrates the various lifestyle choices that people make and the conseuences of their behaviorsThe author did his research and applied his details fluently I worked for a company that performed drug trials and I recognize the spot on ethical dilemmas and vicissitudes that were portrayed and plagued BrianThe denouement was tidy on one front luridly messy on another Klein doesn t tarnish it by creating a sea change in his characters or laying on a heavy handed disingenuous morality The final and anticlimactic scene was authentic and arch and I admire the author for his audacious and honest story It is sure to create animated discussions which makes it an excellent selection for broad minded book club readers

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Stash Author David Matthew Klein Download ´ 2 David Matthew Klein ↠ 2 Summary Er daughter off at swim class Gwen drives across town to purchase a small bag of marijuana from an old flame She’s counting on the pot to help her unwind later that night in those precious private moments with Brian after the kids are asleep Then on the way home Gwen gets into a car accident an accident that leaves her bruised and somewhat battered but leaves the other driver an elderly man who crossed over into her lane dead The local police know the accident isn’t her fault but when they find the marijuana in Gwen’s car they throw the book at her There have been problems with drugs in the schools and they want to crack down on abusers whoever and wherever they are Before long Gwen is in legal hot water and the temperature keeps rising Finally under pressure from the police her attorney and her own husband she reveals her source’s nameMeanwhile Brian is embroiled in a m. I received this book as an ARC copy from goodreadscom Gwen Raine is your average uppermiddle class stay at home suburban mom She takes the kids to after school activities is on the PTA board and cooks her family healthy organic food She has two smart well adjusted children and a loving and hard working husband She also likes to smoke pot to relax and unwind When she buys a bag from an old flame for her and her husband to enjoy on an upcoming trip to their lake house she as no idea how that decision will have everlasting conseuences What could a little pot doFirst of all the man she bought the pot from has unresolved feelings for Gwen While he tries to unravel those feelings and decifer if Gwen might have feelings for him as well he is also trying to expand his drug trade in order to make a large amount of money uickly in order to pay for his daughter s expensive college and retire early But could going large also be danger than he can handleAfter Gwen smokes a small amount of her stash she drives to pick up her kids from summer camp On her way an elderly man plows into Gwen s car injuring her and killing himself The police find the pot in her car and arrest her for DUI Even though she is not at fault Gwen continues to feel she might have been able to do something to change the outcome if she had been smoling While she is released the police imply they must crack down hard on Gwen as there have been a lot of drug issues in their nice upscale community that must be stopped If Gwen gives up her supplier they might let her charges dropped But how can she give up her friend when he did her a favor and trusted her to keep his secretDuring this time Gwen s husband Brian is facing trouble at work He works in the marketting side of a drug company who has been promoting their anxiety drug off label as a weight lose drug as well They are walking a fine line of morality that just might dissolve when patients who have been prescribed the drug for weight loss display signs of anorexia Should they bring this news to the forfront and discontinue using the drug for weight loss or try to continue as beforeThis book brings up a lot of valid uestions and issues that we as a society don t like to dwell on in our see no evil world Should a mom be smoking pot at all even if it doesn t seem to affect her life at large Is selling drugs ever justifiable and can a good person be a drug dealer Is it right for the police to do whatever they feel is right for the greater good Where is the line of morality for big drug companiesI really enjoyed this book I could relate to Gwen in many ways although I found her to be slightly vapid and could not believe some of the choices she continued to make Even though I could not agree with Brian her supplier by the author adding his daughter into the storyline you feel his need to protect her even if it is at the expense of his integrity This story opens the shutters of the middle class to display some of the dirty secrets lurking inside The books points out to me that everyone no matter who you are has their secrets What are yours