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Dust AUTHOR Hugh Howey Download ´ 5 Hugh Howey ☆ 5 Summary review Dust AUTHOR Hugh Howey There is far to fear than the toxic world beyond her wallsA poison is growing from within Silo 18One that cannot be stoppedUnless Silo 1 step i. WARNING This review contains spoilers of Wool Omnibus Silo 1 Shift Omnibus Edition Silo 2 and Dust If you haven t read these books yet stop fooling around on Goodreads and get to itI feel lucky to have finished DUST before it s been officially released I m not a book critic or anyone of note but I lucked out and got my copy of DUST on August 8 I pre ordered my signed copy the Ugly Edition direct from Hugh Howey s web site a few weeks ago Shortly after he did a surprise pre signing on August 4 and pre sent them out the next day As soon as I pre received my copy I set aside the book I was currently reading and started on DUSTI don t want to give a lot away but if you enjoyed the previous installments you will enjoy DUST Since WOOL Hugh Howey has built a world that his characters hate and he has done nothing but cause them befuddlement and misery in the first two omnibuses omnibi In DUST there s hope that they can figure out what s really going on and do something about it The pace is relentless and Howey portions out information in pieces that make you want to keep reading Characters like Juliette and Solo reveal new strengths and weaknesses new characters emerge to stir up trouble and new details emerge about the master plan to savedoom what s left of humanity view spoilerSince we were left hanging for all of SHIFT Juliette shows up in Chapter 1 of DUST From the first page it s full throttle storytelling Now mayor of Silo 18 Jules has all kinds of projects going on that stir up discontent up and down the silo There s an interesting friction between Juliette and everyone else since no one really understands what she s planning and no one wants to hear her out To make things worse she constantly speaks of subject that are taboo in the silo world like being outside and knowing there are other silos She s in a difficult situation and has to help the silo understand what s right for everyone in the present is different from what s right for everyone in the future Her biggest struggle is winning everyone s faith sometimes even her own At the end of SHIFT I wondered how the Silo 1 storyline would play out I imagined a number of different scenarios but none of them were close to what happened In Silo 1 Donald and Charlotte are doing their best to covertly help Silo 18 The relationship between Donald and Charlotte has time to grow a little and it s an interesting contrast to the sterile yes sir no sir inhabitants of the silo who have no memory of who they really are Of the whole series I found Donald s inner struggle to be one of the most interesting I think his story was told really well and was probably the most conflicted character in the series Everyone had tough choices but his were on a different level He simultaneously pitied and hated the inhabitants of Silo 1 but knew he was partially responsible for creating it all There were layers in Donald s story that made every one of his actions mean so much He s a dark tragic character and is ultimately a victim of his own creation hide spoiler

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Dust AUTHOR Hugh Howey Download ´ 5 Hugh Howey ☆ 5 Summary review Dust AUTHOR Hugh Howey Decessors created She knows they are the reason life has to be lived in this wayAnd she won't stand for itBut Jules no longer has supporters And. Just finished this the other night Really liked most of the Silo Series it felt a lot like LOST to me at times something else I really dug The overalls the revelations within revelations the unfolding mystery of it all even the flashbacks to the origin of the SilosSOME SPOILERS FOLLOW But also like LOST there was no great finale I figured we would get some new puzzle piece that would snick neatly into place and turn the entire series into a mosaic much larger than they sum of its parts Instead it turns out we much knew everything already Pretty much people finally leave the Silo s That s the plot of DUST We have no idea what happens to the other Silo s once Silo 1 goes down We don t know what is up with the rest of the world I half expected them to run into survivors who had escaped the nanopocalypse in some clever way but no Just woods MehNo surprises just a predictable ending with lots of action The Silo Series as ended by Michael BayI guess I m just disappointed because the series had such promise and started off so strong and kept it going all the way until this book It was not horrible it just didn t deliver the knockout punch the rest of the series promised We got LOST ed once again

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Dust AUTHOR Hugh Howey Download ´ 5 Hugh Howey ☆ 5 Summary review Dust AUTHOR Hugh Howey In a time when secrets and lies were the foundations of life someone has discovered the truth And they are going to tellJules knows what her pre. I loved the book and the entire series but please write BookSerial 4 HughSPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERTSCROLL DOWN but SPOILER ALERTThe ending leaves me emotionally satisfied but intellectually dissatisfied In this final book we see the end of basically 3 Silos 1 17 and 18 18 is terminated leaving at best 125 200 survivors who make their way to the disabled Silo 17 And most but not all of these walk out to the blue skies and green grass outside the kill zone of the Silo Project Yay I mean yay So of let s say 8000 originally in both Silos only 200 surviveMeanwhile Silo 1 is destroyed by a bunker buster in its reactor room with but a single survivor who joins the others Out of another 4000 many women and children in cold storage who were doomed anyway due to the Pact 1 survivesMeanwhile is there NO danger of a massive radioactive leak Where did the nano gas originate if it was Silo 1 was it successfully contained at least for now Um didn t Silo 1 supply power to a LOT of other Silos without their knowledge in some cases Did every IT level in every Silo just go dark There was no discussion of going back for any of the other Silo residentsA big part of the evil Pact was that only one Silo would survive 4000 out of say 200000 So that plan had to be stopped and as many Silos freed as possible And yet the story ends WITH only 200 known survivors and the rest in dark Silos With a possibly radioactive Silo at their center Finally the Plan had I believe 200 years to go if I remember rightly to really cleanse the world Why And are our survivors in danger by being outside 200 years early If the nano gas is doing some sort of work in the real world why was it only at work in a bubble around the Silo project This confused meEmotionally great book A great world