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Free download The Axeman's Jazz è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free New Orleans 1919 As a dark serial killer – The Axeman – stalks the city three individuals set out to unmask himThough every citizen of the ‘Big Easy’ thinks they know who could be behind the terrifying murders Detective Lieutenant Michael Talbot heading up the official investigation is struggling to find leads But Michael has a grave secret – and if he doesn’t find himself on the right track fast – it could be exposed. This stunning debut novel is set in New Orleans and based upon a real unsolved crime when a killer dubbed the New Orleans Axeman murdered several people between 1918 1919 The story begins when journalist John Riley receives a letter which he believes to have been sent by the killer saying that the following Tuesday the Axeman will pass through the city and spare anyone playing jazz music We then go back to a few months previously with the murders having already started mainly Sicilian couples who own grocery shops found butchered with tarot cards left behind as the Axeman s calling cardSeveral people are interested in discovering the identity of the Axeman Firstly there is Detective Lieutenant Michael Talbot of the New Orleans Police Department Talbot is not liked by his fellow officers having given evidence against a fellow officer Luca D Andrea who has recently been released from prison after serving five years inside D Andrea was working for the mafia and soon learns that although not in prison any he is not really a free man Carlo Matanga is the crime boss who took D Andrea is as a young boy and now he wants D Andrea to find out who the Axeman is Lastly there is the delightful Ida obsessed by detective fiction but barred by her gender and her race from joining the police Having obtained a job on the bottom rung of Pinkerton s detective agency she finds that mostly her work consists of menial filing and admin tasks Desperate to solve a case she begins to investigate the Axeman in her own time along with nineteen year old Lil Lewis Armstrong eventually to become renamed as the great Louis Armstrong New Orleans is shown as a city consisting of various segregated communities each viewing the others with suspicion As the various characters in the novel investigate the killings we are taken through violent crime scenes meet voodoo priestesses feel the uneasy racial tension on the streets and discover the reach of the Sicilian mafia on the city Most of the characters have secrets and all are well rounded and sympathetic As the evening where the Axeman intends to visit approaches a storm hits the city and events come to a climax This is a thrilling intelligent and atmospheric novel which is a pleasure to immerse yourself in The end of the book suggests that there may possibly be a seuel I can only hope that is the case as I would really love to read by this talented author Lastly I received a copy of this book from the publishers via NetGalley for review

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Free download The Axeman's Jazz è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Fe Ida stumbles across a clue which lures her and her trumpet playing friend Lewis ‘Louis’ Armstrong to the case and into terrible dangerAs Michael Luca and Ida each draw closer to discovering the killer’s identity the Axeman himself will issue a challenge to the people of New Orleans play jazz or risk becoming the next victim And as the case builds to its crescendo the sky will darken and a great storm will loom over the cit. If I can combine historical fiction with a mystery then I am happyThis is based on a true crime carried out by a serial killer in New Orleans in 1919This book has several points of view which started as confusing but soon falls into a rhythm each character coming to the resolution from different angles which reaches a crescendo of discoveryMost of the pleasure in reading this came from the atmosphere and enigma that is New Orleans itselfespecially at this time in history I enjoyed learning about the city and it s characters than the mystery itself which is unusual for me

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Free download The Axeman's Jazz è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Former detective Luca d’Andrea has spent the last six years in Angola state penitentiary after Michael his protégée blew the whistle on his corrupt behaviour Now a newly freed man Luca finds himself working with the mafia whose need to solve the mystery of the Axeman is every bit as urgent as the authorities’Meanwhile Ida is a secretary at the Pinkerton Detective AgencyObsessed with Sherlock Holmes and dreaming of a better li. The Axeman s Jazz 2014 This is a debut historical fiction book that fictionalises real serial killer murders that shook New Orleans in 1918 and 1919 and were dubbed the Axeman s murders The book is a winner of the 2014 John Creasey New Blood Award and I just could not pass by an opportunity to read this book since it is set in New Orleans of all places a city that has been fascinating me for a long time and so much I have previously mentionedtalked on my blog about its history art and notable celebrations This very atmospheric book follows three people investigating the gruesome murders of the Axeman i a professional investigator Detective Lieutenant Michael Talbot ii a nineteen year old amateur sleuth and secretary at a local detective agency Ida Davis and iii a recent convict and once detective Luca D Andrea Each one of them is under pressure to discover the identity of the murderer before anyone else and the task is not easy since the murderer taunts the police and leaves strange clues behind such as Tarot cards Soon corruption in high places the Mafia and false leads all complicate the case as well as the most recent strange demand of the murderer play Jazz on one particular Tuesday and you will be safe Charmingly evoking the atmosphere of one of a kind place in the world which was New Orleans in the early twentieth century Ray Celestin concocts a worthy of a read crime thriller even if it is at times slow overwritten unnecessarily confusing and wobbly in its logic The Axeman s Jazz is based on real murders that took place in New Orleans in 1918 taking the lives of six people and the author even reproduces in his book the real letters allegedly written by the murderer and sent to the press Lieutenant Michael Talbot heads the official investigation in the story trying to figure out why the killer would lock the door from the inside as he leaves his victims homes as the Detective stumbles upon the most recent victims of the murderer an elderly couple Mr and Mrs Maggio who were killed with an axe in Little Italy A young book smart girl Ida Davis also thinks she can uncover the identity of the murderer since she works as a secretary for the Pinkerton Detective Agency and has access to some evidence Ida Davis and her friend musician Louis Armstrong think that perhaps an illegal activity conducted by one victim may lead them to the killer As if the case were not crowded enough on the scene comes Luca D Andrea recently out of jail and with connections to the Mafia He is also pressured to find the killer by The Family Ray Celestin then thinks that following all these characters and the murder investigation alone is not entertaining enough because The Axeman s Jazz then decides to concentrate on the childhood of Louis Armstrong tries to gouge out the true relationship between Luca D Andrea and his once prot g Michael Talbot the theme of the nemesis in the police force in the style of The Beautiful Mystery and also examines Michael Talbot s secret family lifeThe plot progression is sometimes rather slow and at other times rather predictable as we also find out about different characters as the story moves along Ray Celestin is also a screen writer and his story may appear to us unusually cinematic with virtually every scene he describes having ualities of a good film For example there is a paragraph in the book where two characters sit near the porch in the evening looking into the distance and we can just imagine this perfect scene in a film as these characters contemplate the unusual lights in the distance called jack o lanters or will o the wisps being ghostly phosphorescence thatsweep across the black ground that also reflect in these characters eyesThe atmosphere in The Axeman s Jazz is one of a kind and we are truly transported into historic New Orleans that finds itself in transition the Prohibition is just around the corner and nervous as a result of the presence of one deranged killer on the loose We are taken through the streets of the city which is already very multicultural in 1918 with Creole Cajun Irish Chinese Greek Italian Jewish and other communities living side by side with each other The result is both a charming and disturbing portrait of the city for example the perspective of Luca D Andrea is as following He knew the city was no paradise it was violent and unforgiving awash with criminals and immigrant communities that treated one another with hostility and suspicion But it was also a city with a beguiling energy to it a bright and opulent charm For all its segregation and spite its shabby streets and faded glory it was easy to become bewitched by the city of New Orleans Ray Celestin 2014 29 There is also this sense in the novel that New Orleans is not just another American city as the Mayor of New Orleans also says in the book Everything s different in New Orleansit s an American city sure enough but it s an American city named after a French Duke in a state named after a French King We drink our coffee different cook our food different play our music different We name our suares after African countries and our streets after Greek myths We bury our dead aboveground but build our city below sea level We celebrate Mardi Gras not Shrove Tuesday we have parishes not counties we don t ban vice we legalise it We ve been different since a handful of French traders came here and decided against the good advice f their Indian guides to build a city on a marsh Ray Celestin 2014 69As a debut crime thriller The Axeman s Jazz can be seen as a curious book with the right atmosphere and enough secrets to uncover However the presence of a number of central characters and the multitude of different clue following also inevitably lead to confusion and the focus on the past of some secondary characters also means much unnecessary digression The result is that The Axeman s Jazz is too crowded a dance floor of a book even if jazz is music that has no strict rules and many peoplecharacters can move freely Where the book excels is in paying a tribute to the music loving multicultural city that is New Orleans even if that tribute is dark unsettling and with a touch of the macabre

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