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  • A Shot of Magick Magick Men #1
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  • 19 June 2020
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READ ↠ A Shot of Magick Magick Men #1 Lachlan McKendrick possesses a renowned sexual prowess impressive among even his own kind But when the Scottish Warlock’s elders decide it’s high time he stops sowing wild oats and starts planting some family ones Lach gets a load of magic unlike any he’s ever known A curse is placed upon his head One that has some rather surprising effects on his legendary sex life and. Lachlan is cursed Every time he sleeps with a woman she is transformed into an animal This has already being happening for a long time driving Lachlan crazy and it will continue happening until he discovers his soul mate I though the idea is original It kind of remind me the movie Lobster by Lanthimos Unfortunately I did not like the execution I would like the author to play with the idea about this curse In the end the book was just another short cute smut book which I did not really mind because I like this kind of booksIt is just I was expecting something different The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century just another short cute smut book which I did not really mind because I like this kind of booksIt is Anticancer (Evol - dev't personnel) just I was expecting something different

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READ ↠ A Shot of Magick Magick Men #1 The only solution is to find his bith bhuan gra or soul mate He should be out searching the world for her but he’s not Instead he’s become obsessed with a feisty American who doesn’t even know what he isIt’s bad enough that Lachlan can’t get the blasted Yank out of his head but she’s mortal and he doesn’t do mortals At least he never has before But the Scottish. FunnyLoved how they fought and families meddling helped them find there happily ever after It will be fun to read the cousins books

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READ ↠ A Shot of Magick Magick Men #1 Stud soon discovers that Evan Hayes has a magic that’s all her own a woman’s power to go after what she wants And what she wants is a certain rugged mouthwatering danger written all over him badassLook out Lach The little human is about to bring her A game Author’s Note A SHOT OF MAGICK is part of the McKendrick Warlocks series but can be read as a standalone2nd Editio. First bought and read many years ago through Ellora s Cave under the series name MAGICK MEN I hate paying twice for the same book and was happy to find this as a free read The rest of the available books are not so need to consider paying againI gather this author like so many others has finally been able to get the rights to her own books backAn entertaining short read sex than story but what little bit of plot there is I enjoyedLachlan s uncles have decided it is time the next generation find their soul mates To make this happen they are cursing them in order to make them searchLachlan s curse sounded uite funny but one would have thought after the first two times he would have stopped bedding women Nope takes him a few times to realise he needs to stop having sexHe cannot stop thinking about the American working in the local coffee shop but is too stubborn to admit a human may be his bith bhuan gra His Soul MateEvan weird name for a female is an American working in a coffee shop in Ireland She has the hots for this arrogant man for some strange reason and pursues him only to be rudely rebuffedJust hate the use of the CT word which is used prolificallyDo not think this has been extended but it was enjoyable enough and will be reading the next book as I remember this series was uite entertaining Hoping the author will be adding to his series