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The Message Download Ì 2 In this wonderful book Colin reveals wisdom from the Other Side that could change your life Sharing his incredible true stories of encounters with the spirit world he also sets out seven steps for leaving hurt and hardship behind These steps will l really enjoyed this book I could not put it down

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The Message Download Ì 2 Ead you to an inner place in which hope and healing can become yours at lastColin Fry's TV shows '6ixth Sense' and 'Psychic Private Eyes' have intrigued his huge number of fans and his previous books Life Before Death and Secrets From the Afterlife uotes 115666 from my notebookMoving on is not about filling your life with new things It is about resolving issues and finding new paths And it is also about valuing and putting into proper perspective what you used to have in your life p115The most common uestion I m asked is What does the afterlife look like I am always wary of ansering this uestion This is partly because even if I had been given a clear vision of what it is like to do so would give people a fixed definition of something that is highly personal This would I believe inhibit their ability to grow personally and spiritually So my reply is always the same I m not capable of seeing eternity and nor is anybody I can only tell you what I ve seen And what I ve seen is an environment which reflects what people want their afterlife to look like p101

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The Message Download Ì 2 Have been bestsellers Colin is a medium with a difference not only does he communicate on a personal level with loved ones who have passed over but his work has given him life enhancing insights that can benefit us allPrepare to receive the Messag Such an amazing book would definitely recommend this to other readers who are spiritualists or are interested in the spiritual way of life Very interest My mum and dad brought me this book at one of his shows it wasn t long after my 18th Birthday 2012 and the tickets were one of my birthday presents The book really helps people to understand some of the things that people may experience when one of their loved ones pass on Nicholas Lyndhurst was definitely right when he said A remarkable book from a remarkable man Colin Fry is definitely the real deal

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  • 07 October 2019
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