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free read The Michigan Murders review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Edward Keyes Edward Keyes ☆ 0 download Between July 1967 and July 1969 seven sexual murders were committed in Michigan with h Late in the 1960 s Michigan saw a spate of extremely violent murders targeting young women Each of the victims was sexually assaulted and murdered in a horrific and confronting manner which is hard to read let alone comprehendLocal law enforcement struggled to link the murders miss stepping and a lack of early collaboration hindered the search for the killer As the bodies piled up so did public ridicule The author clearly articulates the frustration at not being able to obtain a clean cut conviction It s a ride for the reader that s not easy to digest80% of this book is utterly engaging reading like graphic crime fiction than true crime Such is the grisly manner of the murders the reality doesn t set it until the long and somewhat drab trial proceedings unfortunately this part did take something away from what is a well written bookEach chapter gives ample time to the procedural aspects of the investigation as well as ensuring the victims untimely murder is depicted in sufficient detail a well rounded and written account is achievedMy rating 45 stars if you re into true crime I recommend checking this one outThis review first appeared on my blog

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free read The Michigan Murders review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Edward Keyes Edward Keyes ☆ 0 download Se The suspect a young uiet all American boy True crime reading at its terrifying best True crime at its terrifying best Count me in The audio narrator is good tooI deliberately stopped myself from researching erm Googling anything about this case until I finished the book and so I was surprised to learn that the author had changed the names of all the victims and even the name of the killer really John Norman Collins and I m not sure how I feel about any of that But I can say that I was completely gripped by about the first 75% of the book while the killings were happening and the police efforts narrowed into a manhunt It s somewhat less fascinating to hear the discussion of the forensic analysis of hair and other fibers particularly for someone raised on CSI and well versed in modern forensics Although really I guess it did make me wonder how crimes were ever solved with any degree of certainty prior to DNA testing etcAnyone have recommendations in the genre of true crime I m all ears

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free read The Michigan Murders review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Edward Keyes Edward Keyes ☆ 0 download Orrifying fury There were no clues Then almost by accident there was a break in the ca This book is the account of a series of murders that took place in Michigan in the late 60 s All the seven victims were female students viciously tortured and mutilated prior to their deaths The killer John Norman Collins was a handsome young man with a promising future and sadistic tendencies I found The Michigan Muders a real pager turner it is well written and researched However some claim that Edward Keyes has omitted some details regarding the investigation since I don t have enough knowledge of the case I can t really say that I was bothered by this I would probably have given this book five stars if the author had analysed the killer s motives thoroughly It still is a very good crime book and I d recommend it to other true crime buffs like myself

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