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It Happened One Night Read & Download ¸ 4 It Happened One Night and nothing was ever the same againOnce upon a time four superstar storytellers New York Times bestselling authors Stephanie Laurens and Mary Balogh along with Jacuie D'Alessandro and Candice Hern came up with a delicious idea What if they. reread in 2017 35 starsI wish authors would just stay with sexual chemistry instead of the actual act in short stories Common theme Stranded in an inn and spending the night together

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It Happened One Night Read & Download ¸ 4 Each wrote a story about a proper young lady stranded at a remote inn away from society's constraints What would happen And how long would it take for her to give in to desireIn these four amazing tales four heroines will come face to face with the men who got a. Surprisingly the senior and popular authors in this anthology Laurens and Balogh failed to deliver and the last two lesser know authors wrote really beautifully imaginative talesit is interesting that they all are second chance storiesbecause one night stand with stranger didn t happen to respectable ladies of this era I really enjoyed the last two stories

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It Happened One Night Read & Download ¸ 4 Way only to discover that instead of anger there is still a passionate connection that cannot be denied And while each of their lives is uite different and their pasts utterly uniue they will all make a common discovery that one night can change everything forev. So I feel like mostly a lot of these were kind of forgettable Not bad just not really good either so I didn t feel like rating it three starsI finished this last night and I had to take a moment to remember the four stories1 The first one Stephanie Laurens is kind of fun though the male protagonist is nicknamed Ro short for Rogue and that gets annoying fast Particularly as sometimes it feels like it might also be his actual first name given that the female protagonist calls him that and they ve known each other since childhood and surely he wasn t actually a Rogue when she first knew him just remembered this is apparently a prophetic nickname from a nurse Also as I said in my status update I am so not into We must sneak into this house of ill repute and crazy sex parties for PLOT REASONS it is not my thing view spoilerAlso while I don t think your first time having sex needs to be all candles and rose petals a seduction on a window seat in a study at said house of the crazy parties is also HARDLY IDEAL particularly as the scumbag owner of the house is there for the lead up in the sense that they were making out to disguise her identity and their true purpose for being there I also could have done without the family walking into their room the morning after sleeping together for the second time hide spoiler

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  • 06 August 2018
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