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  • L'Automne à Pékin
  • Boris Vian
  • English
  • 06 January 2020
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Boris Vian õ 7 review

review L'Automne à Pékin L'Automne à Pékin characters À 7 Boris Vian õ 7 review In a mixture of great humor and uneual amount of disgust introduces various 'eccentric' characters in this 'desert' adventure such as Anne and Angel who are best friends; and Rochelle who is in love and sleeps with Anne while Angel is madly in love with her Besides the trio there is also Doctor Mangemanche; the archeologist Athanagore Porphyroginite his aide Cuivre; and Pipo all of them in a locality similar to Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland where there is a tinge of darkness and anything is possible except for happiness. Boris Vian is not a predictable author I loved Heartsnatcher barely tolerated Foam of the Daze and I Spit on Your Graves was not intended to be a vehicle for his talents For the first sixty odd pages of Autumn in Peking a title with absolutely no bearing on the contents of the book I was fairly convinced that I d embarked on another nonsense festival that probably holds together better when all of the supposedly brilliant wordplay of the author has not been killed or made wooden by translation I was sustained at first and rewarded throughout by the way that Vian animates things in playful and unexpected ways She was wearing a short skirt and Angel s gaze made its way over her shiny golden knees and insinuated itself between her two long and streamlined thighs It was hot there and refusing to listen to Angel who wanted to pull back the gaze decided to do its own thing and move further on up Angel became increasingly embarrassed and regretfully closed his eyes leaving his look to die on the young girl s skirt Its cadaver remained there until the girl ran her hand over her skirt and unknowingly knocked it to the ground when she stood up several minutes later This is Vian at his irreverent best He is not content with a clever comparison or a frisky metaphor he grounds his flights of fancy in narrative reality and bends every rule of physics and style to accommodate them Sometimes this can be annoying as can the vaguely Futurist obsession with technical and mechanical terms But it is often refreshing comic and memorable After the first sixty pages of the book all of the characters to whom we have been introduced are en route to Exopotamie the convenient referent free desert backdrop of Autumn in Peking In this non place a grab bag of satirical characters the doctor the priest the blue collar worker the playboy the detestable manager etc pursue their obsessions set about trying to build a useless and destructive railroad or attempt to excavate a vaguely pharonic set of ruins All of these pursuits have elements of absurd comedy but the plot advances primarily around the uestion of who will sleep with whomLate in the scheme of things Vian deepens his focus on Angel male who pines for Rochelle female who is constantly and obviously fornicating with Anne a playboy who does not feel any deep loyalty to Rochelle Angel is made to represent the over precious emotionally wrecked obsessive suitor out of touch with the realities of a sexual relationship while Anne occupies the diametrically opposed all too calloused self serving position Other characters of note attempt to bridge the gap between them and propose a balanced way of being in the worldThe drama around the love triangle advances the book s central argument that things are ruined when they are treated as nothing than objects whether of obsession or of use Vian s writing style itself is busy proving the same thing with its irreverence towards concepts and expectations Living breathing chairs die when they are not appreciated as objects and women fall apart and spoil when they are simply used and in the broader world work for its own sake is a doomed and shameful joke Anne will close the curtains lovably For just about every living man there exists one of these office types a parasite man That s the justification of the parasite man this letter that ll straighten out the business of the living man So he drags it out to prolong his existence and the living man doesn t know about it If every living man got up searched the offices for his own personal parasite and killed him

review L'Automne à Pékin

L'Automne à Pékin

review L'Automne à Pékin L'Automne à Pékin characters À 7 Boris Vian õ 7 review Leading characters take part in the building of a train station with tracks that go nowhere Houses and buildings are destroyed to build this unnecessary structure and in Vian's world waste not make not In Alistair Rolls' pioneering study of Vian's novels The Flight of the Angels he expresses that Exopotamie is a thinly disguised version of Paris where after the war the city started changing its previous centuries of architecture to something modern Yes something dull to take the place of what was exciting and mysterious Vian. Although I am the publisher of this masterpiece I still feel I can write about it because I came upon it as a reader I think Vian s Autumn in Peking is one of the great novels of French literature it s hysterical for one thing and on the other I find it moving in how Vian portrays his characters struggling to get the train tracks down For what purpose

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review L'Automne à Pékin L'Automne à Pékin characters À 7 Boris Vian õ 7 review Boris Vian was a jack of all trades although unfortunately his name was Boris and Boris of all trades never took off as a turn of phrase But nevertheless Vian was a great songwriter playwright singer jazz critic and of course novelist so it should have been Boris instead of Jack Vian's 1947 novel Autumn in Peking L'Automne a Pekin is perhaps Vian's most slapstick work with an added amount of despair in its exotic recipe for a violent cocktail drink The story takes place in the imaginary desert called Exopotamie where all the. 5 stars for the first 30 pages but then I don t know feels like I m in part cartoon part American movie None of the characterizations conflicts banter and absurd predicaments got to me like the A and B vignettes early on Vian has his moments of wicked irony but it s tough to sustain given the singular snappy tone spread across the set up and wide cast of characters on Exopotamie 35 stars