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Summary ☆ Bark by Michael Wojtech ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Many people know how to identify trees by their leaves but what about when those leaves have fallen or are out of reach With detailed information and illustrations covering each phase of a tree’s lifecycle this indispensable guidebook explains how to identify trees by their bark alone Cha. For a tree lover just finding a book that focuses on bark earns it high marks The author developed his own key to bark characteristics for identifying trees in the northeast There were many facets of the book I loved from the wonderful photographs to the effect of age on bark something I haven t seen addressed in other tree ID books I also really liked the section on bark ecology Know I know why some trees have shaggy bark that flakes off while others have smooth bark among other fun tidbits As the book jacket says identification by leaf is only useful for about half the yearI do have some suggestions for improvement Since the book is touted as being most useful for winter identification why not throw in just a bit info geared toward that end I know the book is about bark but for example sycas and sweet gums tend to retain their fruit in winter and most oaks hang on to their leaves It would be easy to toss in an extra picture of fruits that are retained to help with winter ID Similarly tree or branch silhouettes could take up some of the white space on each entry the book wouldn t even need to be longer And why not include each tree s range for the whole US or at least eastern US instead of only the New England states The cover says trees of the northeast Most of the trees in the book grow in PA and yet the author left out my state on the range mapsBut if you re into tree identification and have always wondered how you re supposed to figure out what anything is in the winter here s your answer

Free read Bark by Michael WojtechBark by Michael Wojtech

Summary ☆ Bark by Michael Wojtech ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ors of bark to recognize various tree species and also understand why these traits evolved Whether you’re a professional naturalist or a parent leading a family hike Bark A Field Guide to Trees of the Northeast is your essential guide to the region’s 67 native and naturalized tree speci. I read this book for a Fisheries and Wildlife field techniues class so I will not rate it but I thoroughly enjoyed it while also learning in the process I did already have a background in a lot of it after taking a Dendrology course a little over a year ago so it was nice to make connections there and also see new trees I also enjoyed that it focused on bark as a key identification tool since in the past I have heavily relied on twigs and buds and occasionally leaves

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Summary ☆ Bark by Michael Wojtech ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Pters on the structure and ecology of tree bark descriptions of bark appearance an easy to use identification key and supplemental information on non bark characteristics all enhanced by over 450 photographs illustrations and maps will show you how to distinguish the textures shapes and col. It is everything I wanted Photos show young and mature bark They all have uarters for scales a point lacking in many other books The author guides the reader from basics such as what is bark to the bark basic shapes markings from animals or weather and diseases It is superb

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