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House of Illusions Summary ´ 109 Rained for the court of Pharaoh Ramses Her talent and guile win her a post in the harem Thu rises in favor is betrayed in a court intrigue that threatens her life and falls from grace Pharaoh spares her life but banishes her to serve the priests at Pauline Gedge as usual is probably the best writer of Egyptian Fiction Her characters and scenes are euisitely detailed whether she writes in the third or first person House of Illusions continues the story of Thu and her son who were separated under edict of Rameses III The ending and events although near the end were rather fantastical and almost predictable If you have not read Lady of the Reeds then you probably would not enjoy this book as much but as seuels go it is uite well done

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House of Illusions Summary ´ 109 Pauline Gedge is a master at recreating the golden age in Egypt Her heroine Thu a peasant girl from the village of Aswat possesses both beauty and intelligence To her good fortune Thu is found and brought to the center of society She is chosen and t This seuel to House of Dreams also known as Lady of the Reeds was actually written as a response to the overwhelming reader popularity of the character of Thu in the previous book Gedge herself wrote that she had thought Thu s story finished but Thu proved so popular with readers that she decided to bring her back Since in the previous book Thu unhistorically survives the door was left open for a seuel and here it isSince in real life Ramesses III Thu and Pentaweres were all actually killed as a result of the harem plot I almost prefer to think of this particular book as indulgent pure fiction merely set in a historical setting Gedge tells the story in first person and switches between three different character perspectives in three distinct sections which is a change from her usual style but it works in this case It allows the plot to unfold at the right pace and maintain the tension whilst keeping

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House of Illusions Summary ´ 109 The lowly temple of Wepwawet near the first cataract House of Illusions opens on Gedge's vividly recreated Egypt sixteen years after Thu's banishment During her exile she writes an account of her court life and the betrayal for which she seeks reven I enjoyed this book as much as I did House of Dreams I saw where one reviewer said he or she sorry I cannot remember which didn t particularly like how the story switched narrators I really thought about that a lot while I was reading this novel and I came to the conclusion there really wasn t a way to tell this particular story in first person and have enough to fill a whole novel Also I think having the those other perspectives help lend some depth to the story I don t think this novel will make much sense without having read House of Dreams I could be wrong about that Hopefully someone who has read House of Illusions first will have something to say about itAgain I enjoyed these two books uite a bit but I am ready to move into another genre for a while

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