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Free read Heart of Darkness Read & Download Heart of Darkness Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook This Suid Ink Classic edition of Heart of Darkness includes the full text of the work plus M. Never in all my life has 100 little pages made me contemplate suicideviolent suicide i had to finish it i had no choice yay college every page was literally painfulam i supposed to feel sorry for him because i don t i feel sorry for all of Africa getting invaded with dumbasses like this guy oh and in case you didn t get itthe heart of darkness is like this super deep megametaphor of all metaphors and in case it wasn t clear enough conrad will spend many many useless words clearly explaining the layers of depth his metaphor can take oh manmy heart is darkand i m also in the middle of Africaand it s darkand depressingget itget it

Free read Heart of Darkness

Heart of Darkness

Free read Heart of Darkness Read & Download Heart of Darkness Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Al essays for when your teacher reuires extra resources in MLA format for your research pape. I still don t know what I read hereI finished this book with one sort of word spinning around in my head ehI read the whole book Every page every sentence every word And I couldn t tell you what it was about I think I must have read challenging books than this Ulysses Swann s Way etc but none has left me so thoroughly clueless

Free read ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook º Joseph Conrad

Free read Heart of Darkness Read & Download Heart of Darkness Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook LA style citations for scholarly secondary sources peer reviewed journal articles and critic. From 1885 to 1908 an area in Africa now known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo then under the rule of King Leopold II of Belgium experienced an intense genocide Through the Red Rubber system the people of the Congo were essentially enslaved to harvest rubber Those who failed to collect enough rubber had their hands chopped off Some died from disease brought on by the terrible conditions while others were just flat out murdered It is estimated that around three to thirteen million people died between 1885 and 1908 perhaps 25 to 50 percent of the total population By the end of this period the Congo which just a 100 years ago had hosted the expansive and successful Kongo Empire had seen its natural resources destroyed its people mutilated and its entire society changed forever The negative legacy of colonialism is strong throughout Africa and across the world but the Congo is one of the countries that suffered most This is a horrifying disgusting legacy And one that this book does not on any level respect On the surface this book can be read as anti colonialist a narrative that decries the brutality with which King Leopold II and other rulers allowed African people to be treated This reading is comforting to us It feels right How can we read of their deaths and not feel ashamed How can we see the heads of so called rebels on pikes and not find ourselves filled with horror How can we read a scene in which people walk in a chain gang and not find our deepest sympathies with them How could Conrad not have felt the same But I do not believe that is the intent or to be uite honest an accurate reading of the narrative of this book Conrad s descriptions and depictions of black people are dehumanizing to their core No black character in this book feels real feels like a person we may empathize with and care for It is in the descriptions of Kurtz s black mistress of the slave boy whose only contribution to the narrative is the line Mistah Kutz he dead Conrad does not share our empathies Our horror at their fate and in their suffering is our own not the narrators The thing about this book is that it s not a criticism of colonialism and while reading it as such feels viable on the surface looking deeper into the narrative makes this book feel odder and odder This book is a look at the depth of human evil and how that can be brought out when society breaks down Notice the end of that sentence Because the reason Africa is the subject of this book is because this narrative fundamentally believes that Africa is a primitive uncivilized immoral landscape Which I find to be an inaccurate and frankly immoral view of Africa The historical record of our time shows that pre Colonial and pre slave trade African civilization was filled with the same life as European civilizations and populated by strong kingdoms Conrad emphatically believes otherwise And while I am willing to understand on some level that this was an ingrained belief of European colonists this book pushes this message to a very high degree it s irrevocably tied to the message of the book that I found impossible to ignore Yes the idea is also pushed that the people of Europe are really no different from the people of the Congo I am fully aware that Joseph Conrad is getting at the idea that none of us are so evolved and none of us are so civilized ourselves and white society cannot put itself totally above others Conrad is explicitly attempting to put black people and white people on an eual level of brutality But this narrative is still fundamentally flawed The white characters in this book are evil colonists but they are depicted as people The black characters of this book are savages They are rebels At best they are the helmsman unnamed in his own narrative and dying ten pages in At worst they are literal cannibals The narrative shows a fundamental dehumanization of each savage character undermining any sort of anti colonialist or pro African message And I find that fundamentally disturbing If I cannot feel any horror within the narrative for a genocide a time in which culture was destroyed and the environment strangled and thousands slaughtered for the profit of an empire how can I garner anything from this book How can I in good conscience enjoy or recommend this book I understand and appreciate that many are going to read this review and think I misread the text because this book is a classic I would remind them that no work of literature can be kept free from critiue because it has stood the test of time And beyond that I do not believe this is at all a surface reading It s been pushed in the minds of many that reading this book as racist is a surface level interpretation but I genuinely believe that the racism is what you get upon close readingLiterary analysis of racist historical works is a polarizing and complex topic and I recognize that many will feel antagonistic towards this viewpoint I also fully admit that this book makes good use of an unreliable narrator and is one of the most gritty classics I have read as to its depiction of the human soul and I have nothing against those who enjoyed it But I cannot enjoy this for those and erase the flaws I cannot appreciate the literary merit of a book that lacks a fundamental understanding of the humanity of black people And I m not sure I believe that I should recommended reading Chinua Achebe s beautifully rendered essay on Heart of DarknessBlog Goodreads Twitter Youtube

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