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  • The Four Just Men
  • Edgar Wallace
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  • 08 March 2019
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characters The Four Just Men 107 A Spanish resistance leader's safety in England is threatened by the passage through Parliament of the Aliens Extradition Bill The minister responsible rece. Surprisingly contemporaryWhen the British Foreign Secretary decides to push through a law which will allow the enforced return of political refugees to their countries of origin he becomes a target of the Four Just Men a group of vigilantes who set out to right what they perceive as wrongs that the normal systems of justice can t touch The story is a kind of cat and mouse game where the reader along with the entire British public waits to see if the Four Just Men succeed in carrying out their threat to assassinate the Foreign SecretaryThis was a rather odd read for me in that I hated the premise vigilantes are not my cup of tea and yet found the storytelling compelling enough that I found myself racing through it It s well written and the pacing is excellent Wallace sits on the fence himself as to the rights and wrongs of it he shows both sides but doesn t take too strong a stance in favour of either I believe in later books he chose cases that weren t uite so murky where it was clearer that the victims of the Just Men deserved their fate and I suspect I might prefer those This one however despite having been published way back in 1905 has a surprisingly relevant plot The purpose of the legislation is to prevent political agitators from using the safety of foreign countries to stir up revolutions back in their own nation With my recent Russian Revolution reading it made me think very much of those Russians like Lenin who spent their time in the safety of exile encouraging their countrymen back home to commit acts of terrorism against the state But I also couldn t help thinking of the West s current moral struggle over the uestion of allowing in refugees at a time when the fear of terrorism is high or the difficulty of expelling people even when it s known they are attempting to radicalise othersIt s a uick read somewhere between a long novella and a short novel There is a mystery of sorts over how the Just Men plan to carry out the assassination Martin Edwards tells us in his book The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books that as an advertising ploy Wallace offered cash prizes to readers who could work out the solution Apparently so many did that it nearly bankrupted him I wish I d been around at the time because I thought it was blindingly obvious I suspect though that might be because the key is commonplace now than it would have been back then Forgive the vagueness but to say would be a major spoilerThe rest of the plotting works much effectively There is a real sense of the building tension as the deadline approaches The Foreign Secretary is not physically brave but shows a good deal of moral courage in the end The police are shown as competent and vigilant good men determined to protect the Secretary even at the expense of their own lives if necessary The press get involved and we see their dilemma of being ordinary good people who don t want to see murder done but also journalists who do want a huge front page story Wallace handles all these ethical uestions well and believably I thought The Just Men themselves are shadowy with no real background given as to why they ve set themselves up as judge and executioner or how they got together I found them far less credible But I was pulled along in the need to know whether the Secretary would surviveAn intriguing read that provoked thought than I was anticipating I don t think I m sufficiently enthusiastic to want to read of the adventures of the Four Just Men but overall I found this one interesting and entertaining enough to be glad to have read it and to recognise its claim to be a classic of the genre And on that basis recommendedwwwfictionfanblogwordpresscom

characters The Four Just MenThe Four Just Men

characters The Four Just Men 107 Inister before the conspirators' deadline is reached; the ingenious final puzzle was to mark out Edgar Wallace as an outstanding writer of detective thrille. I just finished not only The Four Just Men but the next one in the series The Council of Justice too It s good for the Four Just Men that I kept going after the first book because I didn t like them when I was reading the first one I am incredibly glad I am not one of the four just men because I don t want to be one of the people who not only decides who gets killed but then goes and does it How would I ever decide who is worthy of living Or dying for that matter I suppose I could pick all the serial killers rapists or child molesters but I still don t want to be the one doing the picking I keep having this imagine in my head of one day explaining to Jesus how I came to decide who lives and who dies and that s even before I have to explain killing the person But luckily for me I m not one of the four just men As for who they areWe re told in the prologue the four men are Leon Gonsalez Poiccart George Manfred and Thery or Saimont no one seems to know which name is really his He is the unlucky fourth man he doesn t seem to know what he is doing there what they are doing what anyone is saying as for being one of the four just men he s never heard of them and it is never clear to me how they came across this guy in the first place or how they talked him into helping them when he never heard of them before but they did and that s our four men As for Poiccart if he has a first name no one told me about it Oh they are all wealthy gentlemen the first three I don t know what the fourth is and they have nothing better to do with their money than run around killing people I have been giving some thought to the plot writing this obviously and can t come up with one woman in the entire novel There had to be one in there somewhere but I can t think of one Anyway these men feel that there are some bad guys that can get away with anything so they have decided to make sure this doesn t happen They usually send the bad guy two warnings to stop whatever it is he is doing and if he doesn t he ends up dead usually in a strange way This time it is the British Secretary of Foreign Affairs Philip Ramon because he is trying to get a bill passed that will remove protection from extradition for foreign nationals living in exile in their country It doesn t seem like the kind of thing to kill the guy over but that s what they are going to do I m not sure why they are so upset the politician guy is going to bring up the bill whatever that s called then I suppose they will debate it for an eternity then finally vote on it but it won t pass because the other side won t vote for it no matter what it says At least that s how it works here By the time the bill would have passed all the exiles the four just men are trying to protect will have died of old age And so the rest of the book is them planning the murder and the politician refusing to listen to them and a whole bunch of police setting up traps and protection and things like that and wondering if anyone is going to get killed and how considering all the police standing around I m not telling you any about it except there are only three just men by the end of the book and this I found fascinating originally the book came with the offer of a huge prize for anyone who guessed the ending unfortunately for Wallace he must not have been as mysterious as he thought because he eventually had to declare bankruptcy as too many people guessed correctly I wonder how huge the prize was I m not sure what he meant by guess the ending I guessed who would be dead by the end but not how I didn t like this one very much I didn t like these guys running around choosing who lives and dies but I continued on to the next one and I like that one better so I ll move on to that one for my next review In the meantime happy reading

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characters The Four Just Men 107 Ives a message from four mysterious figures warning him to withdraw the legislation or face death The suspense grows as the police struggle to protect the m. This was an interesting twist from your average mystery In my opinion there really aren t any good guys It does pose the uestion when is vigilante justice justifiedThe story however was well written and uite suspensefulNo one knows who the Four Just Men are where they are from or where in the world they could be at any given moment They are vigilantes who through ingenious means execute people they believe have gotten away with criminal activity They have assassinated royalty who have murdered and gotten away with it priests who sexually abused their parishioners and other high profile people who have hurt others with impunityA minister in the British parliament is trying to push through a bill that would alter the amnesty status of certain Spanish delegates who would be persecuted and probably executed if forced to return to Spain this takes place during the Spanish Civil War The man receives a letter from the Four Just Men that warns him that if he brings the bill to Parliament they will kill himThe minister refuses to back down and a race is on in the Scotland Yard to discover the identity and plans of these four men before they carry out their threatOthers with phlegmatic dispositions might read the story calmly enough but I found it stressful suspenseful but entertaining as well I have just found out there are Four Just Men stories This will not be the last book by Edgar Wallace I ll be reading