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Lone Star Standoff summary Ð 8 A high profile trial turns lethalPresiding over the trial of a powerful drug cartel member Judge Aubrey Madison finds her life threa. I used to read this line of books on a regular bases For a mysterysuspense fan this was the line of books to read It had a little bit of everything Thus while it has been a long time it is like coming back home Aubrey is great She was thrown everything from a dead rat to a snake Yet she may have had her nerves rattled but she did not cower She stayed strong Of course she had help in the form of sexy and strong Sean He was her guardian angel There were sparks between these two It was steamy Aubrey and Sean were great but Aubrey s two twin children Sammy and Camy did steal a little of the spotlight with their cuteness Cute children make for an enjoyable read Back to the overall story There was plenty happening within the pages of the book to keep it interesting In addition to the fact that I really liked all of the characters made for a fast read

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Lone Star Standoff summary Ð 8 Tened and Texas Ranger Sean McNair isn't taking any chances Protecting the widow and her twins comes naturally to Sean maybe too nat. Lone Star Standoff is book 6 in the Lone Star Justice Series I hope it won t be the last one This book finds a Texas Ranger protecting a judge who is presiding of a case of a member of a major drug cartel member charged with murder Sparks fly between the two as they search for answers to uestions in the past and in the future Can they put the past behind them and survive long enough to figure out if what they have is real I really enjoyed this book It was suspenseful interesting some light moments and it had an epilogue Epilogues really are one of my favorite things There was a few twists and turns to keep you guessing until the very end Definitely worth reading this book and the previous 5 books of the series

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Lone Star Standoff summary Ð 8 Urally for a guy who's convinced he shouldn't have a family But he can't help wishing for a future with Aubreyif he can keep her ali. Judge Aubrey Madison and Texas Ranger Sean McNair have both lost someone to a powerful drug cartel Now she is presiding over the trial of a high ranking cartel member and Sean is trying to keep her alive The story is an exciting action packed drama interspersed with the antics of the judge s twin four year old son and daughter Sammy and Camy The judge doesn t want to get close to another lawman and the Texas Ranger doesn t feel worthy to have a relationship because he failed to protect his brother While trying to stay alive and keep the judge safe every way Sean turns another attack is being launched with a growing body count The reader starts to uestion if the hero and heroine are going to still be standing at the end of the book Drawing on their faith they keep doggedly pushing forward constantly seeking answers when even the uestions are murky This suspenseful story is well written and will hold your attention I received a copy of this book from the author This is my honest review All opinions are strictly my own

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