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  • 26 May 2018
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After Dark

Characters After Dark Review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ö Luisa Prieto Luisa Prieto Ö 2 Free download Re When he and Devon go to investigate Tyler attacks Andrew awakening his latent magical abilities Now able to see the magic in everyday life Andrew discovers that Devon his lover is a werewolfDevon however has no idea what Andrew is talking about or why his last lover thought he was a werewol Sketchy and random The summary is misleading in that the WHOLE NOVEL is about Devon and Andrew trying to find a way to protect against and stop Tyler By the summary I was expecting Tyler s final death to come in the beginning and the rest of the novel to be about Andrew and Devon adapting after the factAbout 85% of the novel was built from back flashes memories from both Devon and Andrew s standpoint and Tyler s that explained little and only made the whole story confusing What was dragged out in a 4 page long conversation or action between characters could have much easily been explained in a few paragraphs of the chara reflecting on it Very little was gone into detail at all beyond physical description the setting the gore the appearance of something magical It was action without explanation without the complication of feelings interlaced in the memories or reflectionHonestly I kind of wanted to poke at it a bit to see if it might spontaneously change style half way through then further through then almost to the end with nothing More surprising than anything I think was how Devon wasn t even told by anyone that he was a werewolf until Andrew says it the very last line of the novel he doesn t remember any time that he changes has no clue he s anything other than completely human I kept hoping Andrew would tell him sooner that they would bloody communicate about anything and that just never happened The two MCs were just independently revolving planets circling each other to the point that I really wondered what they were doing with each other to begin with

Review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ö Luisa Prieto

Characters After Dark Review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ö Luisa Prieto Luisa Prieto Ö 2 Free download Years before the man Andrew loved mysteriously disappeared He wasn’t about to lose another one He'd do whatever it took to protect Devon including killing his abusive older brother TylerHours after the funeral Andrew gets a frantic phone call from Tyler’s wife telling him that Tyler is the I m abandoning this book and shove it into my DNF shelf The main reason is because I m annoyed with how the story unfolds The story opens in a funeral and how Andrew is scared about Tyler even if his brother is dead Tyler wants Devon s eyesAnd it feels like I m pushed into a middle of some dire situation without any background My first reaction to the 1st chapter of this story was HUH Then I stopped and tried to find whether there was a preuel that explaining about Andrew and Devon and the whole story with Tyler But nope there aren t any Maybe the story will explain everything in the end but I already feel like a soldier marching to a battle with a blind eye and not knowing everything It just annoys me to the very end NOT going to continue this or even look at the seuel

Characters After Dark

Characters After Dark Review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ö Luisa Prieto Luisa Prieto Ö 2 Free download F either And while Andrew struggles with his new powers Devon must come to terms with what he isBy killing Tyler Andrew thought to end his violence but instead it forced him to bloodier means and magic Now Andrew must find a way to stop him or lose Devon but he needs Devon's help And his trust After Dark is by no means for the faint of heart I would categorize this as a Gay Horror novel I have never read anything like it The closest in my experience would be to say it gives the same feeling as the early Anita Blake novels by Laurell K Hamilton The warning for violence should be taken seriously There is gore to go along with it as wellThis is an intense book I was immediately thrown into the story and had to figure out which way was up I was slowly fed facts along with back histories to both main characters I wasn t given clues before hand and couldn t uite figure out what was coming nextI love this style of story weavingPrieto assumes that the reader is smart enough to catch up I appreciate that The writing is done in a clean way with no extraneous information or explanations thrown in The way the story unfolds is with necessary trips back and forth through time and yet at no time was I left confused Actually I take that back There were moments in which I couldn t figure out what had just happened but that was because the character hadn t figured out yet what had happened This is not only an engaging form of writing but an exciting one It left me dying to know salivating to scroll down to read the next bit and it definitely had my brain buzzing with possibilities as I tried connecting the dots along with the charactersDevon and Andrew were two great characters It was nice to see slow and loving sex in a book There were no uickies in public or cries for Harder as nice as those are Theirs is a uiet and comfortable love and relationship and I think this is what really adds to the story and makes it seem like a romantic horror These two really love each other in a solid long lasting way and rely on each other even as uestions and doubts creep in It was a wonderful feeling having these two characters lead the way in the storyThere were a few typos but nothing that was particularly distracting I wish that the editor had been a bit considerate but that seems to be an ongoing longing with this publisherThis book ends with an abruptness that made me very happy CarvedWood had already made sure we bought both books first It wasn t a bad abruptness but it definitely leaves you craving For review on this book Top Bottom Book Review