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  • A Negotiated Marriage
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  • 06 October 2020
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review µ A Negotiated Marriage 104 Sex wasn’t supposed to be part of the deal Three years into a marriage of convenience Molly’s high powered CEO husband wants to add a new term to their marriage agreement Sex without any messy emotional entanglements But weekly sex with Luke despite their 35 starsI read this a while back when I was in the mood to read books with marriage of convenience plotsThe story starts three years into Molly and Luke Lyon s third year into their marriage of convenience The two have gotten along perfectly when Molly worked in corporate investigations at Luke s company and soon the two got into a mutually beneficial arrangement Luke needed it for his image and Molly needed it to get over a man who broke her heart After three years of companionable cohabitation Luke wants to add a new term to their marriage contract sex They agree to sex once a week but really could they maintain the arrangement without things getting messyI enjoyed reading this book Molly and Luke are both likable characters and I loved that Luke s not the usual alpha CEO type who s overbearing and caveman ish He s kind reticent and worked his way up to the top This story was fairly light and it was enjoyable to see the two realize their feelings for each otherI would have given a higher rating had the story been longer It would have been nice to see how the marriage came to be Since the story opened three years into their marriage I wasn t as attached to their relationship as I would have been if at least a few things in that three years was shown Nonetheless I enjoyed this book and I m off to read Noelle Adams other books Heehee I just love these marriage of convenience plots

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review µ A Negotiated Marriage 104 Carefully negotiated terms is likely to get messy eventuallyContent in a mutually beneficial arrangement Molly isn’t going to fall for Luke the way she fell for an old lover only to be crushed in the end She vows to stay strong no matter how much intimacy de This is the book that hooked me to Noelle Adam s writting and even though it isn t a solid 5 star book it is still one of my favoritesFirst of all it s about one of my favorite tropes in romance LOVE AFTER MARRIAGE I just love it when two people think they can keep it casual and all business when they marry and then things turn pretty personal after the vowsA Negotiated Marriage is diferrent from other similar books in the fact that view spoilerthe man is the first to fall for his wife instead of the commont other way around hide spoiler

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review µ A Negotiated Marriage 104 Velops between them in bed When her old lover returns finally wanting a real relationship Molly has the chance to give her heart to a man who will accept itIt’s too bad she now wants to give it to her husband who has never admitted her heart is what he wants Molly and Luke have been a marriage of convenience for 3 years They are roommates and their whole relationship is a business arrangement Some readers are turned off by the fact that he H has used the services of call girls per their agreement for the first 2 years We don t know how many or how often and this is rarely brought up or discussed in the book so it was super low angst for me I didn t mind this detail because they were two strangers living a fake marriage and she has zero emotional investment in the marriageI liked this book but there were things that bothered me I liked both the MCs but their lack of self awareness drove me nuts I couldn t really buy into the fact that these two grown adults would engage in a fake marriage like this Or the fact that they were both so emotionally stunted that they couldn t understand their feelings let alone express them I mean the h goes on for pages about the fluttery feelings in her stomach and what could that be I need characters with a little emotional maturity and self awareness We never understand why the H is the way he is so cold and cut off He grew up with a very loving mother so it makes no sense to me that he wouldn t know how to have a good relationship with a woman But whateverAt the same time the story was very romantic and I loved the ending when they finally come out and say what they feel They were very cute together once they figure things out The book was pretty low on the angst scale and it s obvious what s going to happen so it was a nice comfort readI m going to settle on 3 stars for a nice sweet story with just a few moments of stupidity